Downfall in mining infections, US state to accept Bitcoin for tax payments and more


The Kaspersky antivirus software company reports a decrease in encryption infections

US state Ohio to start accepting Bitcoin for tax payments

The German fund PE Xolaris relies heavily on Bitcoin mining

Exactly one year ago, angel investor Sanjay Mehta, who actively invests in blockchain and crypto startups, said: "I think the price of Bitcoin is very inflated." The ideal price for Bitcoin should be around $ 1K. and in the end, the price of Bitcoin will come down in the same way. "

At that time Bitcoin was on a high value, valued at $ 15K. These were the heydays of the cryptocurrencies. Global investors and encryption enthusiasts such as John McAfee were doing great, estimating Bitcoin to reach $ 50,000 over the next six months. Wallstreet was also taking note. The way the Bitcoin mania was spreading, Mehta's statement would seem uninformed.

Coming back to November 2018, Bitcoin is struggling to maintain its price at $ 4K and reports suggest that mining for more will cost more than its value at its current price.

However, understanding Bitcoin's rating is not an easy job. The former CIA employee, Edward Snowden, during an interaction with Ben Wizner, director, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project explained: "We move outside of paper currencies, which have no fundamental value, in a more difficult case: why is gold worth more than its limited but real practical uses in industry? Because people generally agree that it is worth more than its practical value.

The social conviction that it is expensive to dig from the ground and put on a shelf, along with the expectation that others will also appreciate it, transforms a boring metal into the world's oldest storehouse of value. – Edward Snowden

Snowden said that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a very limited fundamental value: at most, it is a token that allows you to save data in the blocks of their blockchain, forcing all those participating in that blockchain to keep a copy of it for you.

Despite its decline in value, Bitcoin remains in one of the main Google searches.

Let's have a look at this week's block in criptovalute and ICO!

Decline in mining infections: Kaspersky report

The year has seen an increase in the number of attacks related to miners. However, as cryptocurrency assessments have started to decline, infection activity has declined considerably, according to the antivirus manufacturer Kaspersky. However, the report showed that while the number of cryptominer attacks diminished, the threat is still current.

US state to start accepting Bitcoin for tax payments

USA State Ohio has announced plans to accept Bitcoin for tax payments. The state has joined an Atlanta-based payment company, Bitpay, which will help convert taxpayers' bitcoins into dollars for tax payments.

The Ohio State Treasurer, Josh Mandel, told CNBC that the decision was twofold: it increases the "options and ease" for tax payers and opens the door to software engineers and technology startups.

Pro Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Musician DJ Khaled have trouble promoting ICOs

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now released professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and music composer DJ Khaled to promote ICOs on social media. The SEC has announced charges against boxer Mayweather Jr. and Khaled Mohamed Khaled, known as DJ Khaled, for not disclosing the payments received to promote investment in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

These are the first cases of the SEC to charge for violations involving ICOs.

SEC orders found that Mayweather did not disclose promotional payments from three ICO issuers, including $ 100K from Centra Tech Inc., and that Khaled did not disclose a $ 50K payment from Centra Tech, which he advertised on his social media accounts media like "Game change." Mayweather's promotions included a message to her followers on Twitter that Centra's "ICO" was starting in a few hours, get yours before they run out, I have mine … "

Cryptocurrency: the European fund for the EP is betting on a large scale

Among the Bitcoin sinking values, a Munich-based PE company Xolaris is preparing to launch a $ 50 million Bitcoin mining fund for Asian investors, said South China Morning Post.

The subscription for the Asian fund will start in December after the launch of its European fund this week.

In other news, four Iranians were found to be involved in the Ransomware attacks and in the SamSam scheme that caused financial damages of $ 30 million, affecting over 200 victims, including city governments, universities, and hospitals across North America and the United Kingdom. .

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