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Double-edged sword for investors

Founder of TRON Justin Sun and TRX Coin Social Media Marketing: Double Edged Sword for Investors

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, is among the first 3 active crypts on social media at the time of printing. The founder of TRX tweeted this native token a couple of times. In fact, sometimes the impact was significant enough to counter a downward trend in the market even for a day or two.

However, the competitive approach used by Justin in some of his tweets meant that some commentators questioned the true core value of the TRON project. Most are the times when the ad effect only increases the TRX for a couple of days, but the comments could have a negative impact on other projects like Ethereum that have been victims of the approach discredit of Justin.

A topic recently emerging from Justin's marketing approach is the aspect of centralizing the TRX platform simply because of the effect of its founder on price. A few days ago, Justin announced his Twitter account on a possible partnership with a leading company in the Fin Tech arena.

In the tweet, Mr. Sun told the TRX Twitter community to make wild assumptions about this likely partner; such moves have often caused excitement as the partnership speculated with XVG Pornhub in the second quarter. In the tweet published on October 12thth;

"Finally, the first time to collaborate with tens of billions of the USD valuation industry giant, guess the name #TRON #TRX $ TRX"

The reaction was a positive price movement although the pips failed to recover the bearish price action that preceded the announcement. One of the Twitter followers TRX criticized Justin's frequent tweeting;

"Justin you REALLY need someone to manage your communications and marketing strategy – you should do some research on the effects of ad announcements – seriously, this is the big league for you now – behave as you should be there."

During the TRON upgrade to Odyssey 3.1, Justin tweeted to discredit the performance and convenience of EOS and Ethereum, both are the platform to facilitate blockchain platforms, placing them as the main TRON competition.

"Based on the community's consensus, #TRON will upgrade to Odyssey 3.1 at 8pm SGT.The TRON and TVM commission function will go live, marking the beginning of Era Smart Contract. 200 times faster than ETH, 100 times cheaper than EOS developers and users of dApp, this is for you! $ TRX "

However, this news did not prevent the TRX rise from slipping further, as had happened in a downtrend among the 9th & 10th in October.

A twitter account user with the name [email protected]_manish expressed a skeptical attitude towards TRX by attributing it to Justin's tweet;

"Return my money I lost because of the trunks you are making fun of, the price is low and you are making new updates every day on Twitter".

The launch of the Tron Virtual Machine was another area where the founder and team capitalized their hype on social media marketing. This goal introduces the spread of tokens based on TRC-20, a concept similar to that of the infrastructure of Ethereum. According to the Twitter TRON handle on October 7thth;

"#TRON (#TRX) Two days away

• TVM activated

Allow the implementation and migration of DApp from existing #Blockchain networks. (# ETH, #EOS being processed)

• Implementation of TRC-20 tokens

TRC-20 is the technical standard used for smart contracts on Blockchain for the implementation of tokens "

This resulted in a small positive price movement by TRX, even if it was only for a moment. The altcoin had returned to a bearish trend in just a week. Likewise, this has attracted online critics with one of them defining TRON as a joke!

"Tron is a joke, confusing people with trc -20"

Towards the end of the third quarter, Justin commercialized the performance of TRON on Twitter. In doing so, he compared the active user ship of the platform with that of Ethereum and EOS. The tweet has made 4 categories of comparison;

"1. 411.032 #TRON account, 20% higher than #EOS, 13 times higher than #ETH.
2. 440.135 peak number of one day transaction volume, 49 times higher than #ETH.
3. 146.041 average daily transaction volume, 29 times higher than #ETH.
4. Physical decentralization. "

As expected, this has also received a reaction from one of the longtime enthusiasts of the project that tweeted;

Information on Twitter and privacy

"I know that nobody in this thread really cares, but I have long been a Tron supporter and slowly but surely I have lost faith in this coin.They are always the same information.Airdrop, bragging and useless information.I will give it at the end of this year though. "

A final highlight of Justin's tweets is a tweet of scalability glitz in which it has discouraged the creators of DApp from using other platforms. The founder has seized the opportunity to commercialize the potential blockchain of TRON;

"Yes! Please stop the implementation of d-app on Ethereum and immediately migrate to the #TRON network! We are 100 times faster than #ETH and are fully compatible with #ethereum.We guarantee 100% better experience user! #TRX $ TRX "

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