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Donation of money to Afd-Weidel: presents the names of the clients

In the donation scandal surrounding the leader of the AfD Bundestag faction, Alice Weidel (39), new details have been released. Now AFD presented the names of 14 alleged patrons of the EU to the Bundestag.

After the dubious donations from Switzerland, the German AfD party presented the names of 14 EU citizens, who should be behind the donations, to the Bundestag administration. This was confirmed at the DPA news agency Thursday night by party circles.

Before this, "Süddeutsche Zeitung", WDR, NDR and the Swiss "Tagesanzeiger" and "Spiegel" reported to us. The list therefore contains the names of 14 EU citizens, most of whom are German.

"The donation of the Alice Weidel campaign" was reimbursed in the spring of 2018

The story had put pressure on Alice Weidel, leader of the faction of the AFD Bundestag (39). The party confirmed in November that in 2017 about 130,000 euros from a Swiss pharmaceutical company in different quotas were transferred to the AfD district of Lake Constance. The intended purpose was declared as: "donation of the Alice Weidel campaign". The money would have been repaid in the spring of 2018. Donations of non-EU citizens to German parties are illegal.

According to data from the AfD party circles, the 14 people were supposed to make a total of 17 individual donations. The highest donation was 8138.18 euros. A spokesperson for the AFD said: "We do not comment on an ongoing procedure". According to "Süddeutsche Zeitung", WDR, NDR and "Tagesanzeiger", the administration of the Bundestag left an unanswered inquiry into this topic.

The administration of Bundestag controls compliance with regulations

The prosecutor of Constance initiated a preliminary investigation against the leader of the Weidel parliamentary party and three members of their district association – due to the initial suspicion of a violation of the party law.

In its annual report for 2017, which has recently become available on the Bundestag website, AfD writes: "In the financial year 2017, a subordinated regional association of a regional association had received a certain number of payments.These come from different people who, to our knowledge, are German citizens or EU citizens. "The administration of the Bundestag was promptly informed of the identities and their amounts Individuals "to the knowledge of the year 2018". "The examination of the administration of the Bundestag, if all the provisions of party law have been observed, has not yet been completed."

AfD-Weidel admits: "Yes, we have made mistakes".

Originally, the board of directors of the Swiss pharmaceutical company had stated that according to WDR, NDR, "Süddeutsche Zeitung" and "Tagesanzeiger" stated that the manager of the company had the money "in trust for a business friend" . The research association cited the board of directors with the statement that it was beyond its knowledge, because initially a single donor was mentioned. According to the report, the list of names had to be sent by the company to AFD and presented to the AFD from this last one in December.

Weidel had said in the Bundestag in November that the question had cost one cent to tax payers. "Yes, we made mistakes, we recognized, replied and repaid," he said. (SDA / rad)

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