Donald Trump talks about Joe Biden’s victory and then reviews it


AUS President Donald Trump twirled his electoral defeat against Democrat Joe Biden on Twitter Without mentioning Biden’s name, Trump tweeted the words “He Won” on Sunday. But only because of alleged election fraud. Trump therefore tried to counter the impression that he recognized Biden’s victory. “He only won in the eyes of the media hoax. I admit nothing, “wrote Trump.

Until now, the president had always publicly declared that he had won the elections. According to forecasts by the AP news agency, Biden has won far more than the 270 electoral votes required in the election and is also ahead of Trump in absolute terms by more than five million votes.

“This is what the American people did”

Biden’s future chief of staff Ron Klain told Trump’s tweet that it would be good for the president to prepare for a meeting with reality. But this is not decisive. “Donald Trump’s Twitter news doesn’t make Joe Biden president,” Klain told NBC. “That’s what the American people did.”

On Sunday Trump complained about allegedly unsuitable election observers and the “radical left” society Dominion, which tabulated the votes to finally ensure in capital letters: “We will win!”

Trump has so far remained guilty of evidence of large-scale election fraud. Electoral officials from both parties stressed that the vote went well. International observers found no serious irregularities.


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