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Donald Trump celebrated his two-year term today. Meet your 8 biggest lies – International

Two years later the controversial acquisition of the President of the United States at Capitol Hill, the polemics in which Trump is involved are your bank account. Surrounded by the press – that calls "fake media" – the magnate has become a politician specialized in "alternative facts", a euphemism nice to lie or manipulate the truth.

In early January, The Washington Post, which keeps a "Mentirómetro" on Trump updated in real time, concluded that from November 2016 he was elected, until December 30, Donald Trump has already done 7645 (seven thousand six hundred and forty-five) false or misleading statements.

The day when two years of his term ends, stay with eight to which no one remained indifferent.


This remained for history as the most iconic of lies. On Twitter, Trump published a picture, accompanied by the following text: "The audience was the biggest ever, the crowd was huge, look how far people went, a huge crowd." Barack's inaugural photographs Obama in 2009 showed that the day of the inauguration of the former president had more people present.


In January 2017, embarrassed by the "closed mark" that the The New York Times Exceeding the election campaign, denouncing later falsehoods in his speech, Trump wrote on Twitter: "The coverage of me in the New York Times was so fake that the newspaper had to apologize to readers and subscribers." Excuse the White House tenant.

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"The rate of homicides in our country is the biggest of the last 47 years, Quite right? Did you know that? 47, "said Donald Trump, who was visibly enthusiastic about the possibility of liberalizing the ownership of weapons in the United States, but it is not true that violent crime has never been as high as it is today. in the years '80 and' 90.

Irado with the possibility of being under surveillance, the Republican president said on Twitter: "Terrible, I just discovered that Barack Obama touched the Trump Tower just before my victory". No proof has been found that this has ever happened.

After a participation in the well-known "The Late Show", directed by Stephen ColbertTrump, who has a very successful television history, could not resist saying that his presence guaranteed Colbert "a huge audience, the highest audience ever." The truth was another: that day the show had just under 2 million spectators, while the previous week had reached 2.8 million.

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NEW YORK – September 22: Donald Trump talks about his US presidential campaign on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015 on the CBS television network. (Photo by John Paul Filo / CBS via Getty Images) credits: 2015 CBS photographic archive

"As I promised the American people 11 months ago, we approved the largest tax cut and largest tax reform in American history," the US president publicly declared. "Tax reform". In fact, the tax cut approved by Donald Trump is only the 5th largest in the United States, after those approved by John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama (twice). In the case of Obama, the cuts included a law to make other cuts approved by George W. Bush permanent.


The declaration was made in November 2018 and is completely false. Contrary to what was stated by Trump, the Obama administration has pursued policies to protect families, which were sometimes separate, but only when there were suspicions of trafficking in human beings.

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On the wall that currently paralyzes the US administration (remember that the closure that has been felt for almost a month in the United States is due to the fact that the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives does not release $ 5.7 billion to finance the construction of the wall that separates Mexico and the United States), Trump has already produced several falsehoods. One was that he never said that Mexico would pay for the wall. But the greatest he has produced he was in an interview with the American television network Fox News in October 2018: the wall it was already under construction. In fact, what is currently being done is a repair of old portions of the enclosure that currently exists.

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