Donald Trump called him to the Supreme Court: of all people, Brett Kavanaugh could save “Obamacare”


Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court Justice appointed by Donald Trump, may surprise and vote against the abolition of “Obamacare”.

  • Brett Kavanaugh suggests that it is active Supreme Court may tend not to support the abolition of “Obamacare“To vote.
  • It would be the da Donald Trump If the appointed judges actually decide this way, it would be a political sensation.
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USA – It would be at least an average sensation: Brett Kavanaugh indicated to be im Supreme court could not vote against all expectations “,Obamacare“Abolish. Also known as the” Affordable Care Act “(ACA), affordable health insurance for all Americans is threatened by Donald Trump be declared invalid with the names of Kavanaugh and his fellow arch-conservative Amy Coney Barrett, moved to the right to be declared invalid.

Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh suggests not to overturn Obamacare against Donald Trump’s will

During the judges’ hearings: Tuesday indoors (10 November 2020) Brett Kavanaugh realize that, in his opinion, the legal basis is insufficient to overturn the whole law. Republicans want to campaign for the abolition of “Obamacare“Use a trick. The law passed in 2010 after tough negotiations between Republicans and Democrats contains a passage according to which failure to comply will result in a tax penalty.

Donald Trump could face a setback in the US Supreme Court. (Archive photo)

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The Republicans used this provision to reduce the ACA to absurdity. The party of the elected president Donald Trump reset the amount of that penalty tax in 2017. This was possible because Republicans had a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives until 2017, which they lost to the Democratic House of Representatives only in 2018.

Donald Trump brought three judges to the Supreme Court – also to abolish “Obamacare”

By effectively repealing the tax sanction, Republicans were able to evade its passage into the ACA. They then argued that the law must now be completely repealed because the tax penalty, which is decisive for them and which they have effectively abolished, is fundamental. The case was heard in the Supreme Court as early as 2012, and the Republicans’ attempt failed with a majority of five to four judges: inside. The presiding judge, John Roberts, 2005 by the republican president George W. Bush to the Supreme Court Envoy, he joined the then four liberal judges: inside and embarrassed the party whose former president had helped him fill the post.

Eight years later the majorities have changed, Donald Trump has with Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh is Amy Coney Barrett so many federal judges appointed almost no president before him and the political orientation of the American Supreme Court shifted to the right. There are now six judges chosen by the Republican presidents: within it there are only three liberals.

Brett Kavanaugh, appointed by Donald Trump, could save Obamacare as a Supreme Court judge.

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More recently, President Judge Roberts voted multiple times with the Liberal minority, which resulted in a four to four vote tie, as the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died in September 2020, initially remained vacant and Amy Coney Barrett, who was later elected to this judge’s seat, initially rejected him from intervening in ongoing negotiations.

Brett Kavanaugh shows a tendency not to vote for the abolition of “Obamacare” as Donald Trump wanted

In the event of a stalemate, the vote of the prime minister prevails, so that the Supreme Court among other things, he rejected the Republicans’ urgent request for Donald Trump to ban the counting of postal votes. Now Amy Coney Barrett could get a majority in the case of “Obamacare“Let it lean. Even if Judge John Roberts continued to vote with the Liberal judges, the majority would be five or four Conservatives. And here it comes Brett Kavanaugh in the game. Kavanaugh, nominated by Donald Trump and known as an uncompromising conservative, has indicated he may share John Roberts’ point of view.

Roberts had already opposed the abolition of “Obamacare“He voted and wrote in his verdict that it was difficult for Republicans to argue that a majority in Congress that cleared the tax penalty could not attempt to overturn the entire law. The from Donald Trump appointed Brett Kavanaugh replied to a lawyer who defends the ACA on behalf of the democratically run House of Representatives who “tends” to agree, that it is quite possible to cancel the passage that has been practically exploited by Republicans without the whole law being invalid must be explained.

Ironically, one of Donald Trump’s appointed judges could possibly save “Obamacare”

Remains Kavanaugh in this evaluation and in fact votes against the abolition of “Obamacare“It would be affordable health insurance for all Americans: inside, of all things, by voting for one Donald Trump (who despises the ACA and wants to abolish it) saved the designated judge. That would mean averting the horrific scenario that in the midst of a global and national pandemic, some 21 million people would suddenly be at risk of losing health insurance coverage. Before the ACA was approved, millions of Americans with diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis could be denied health insurance because of their condition. (Mirko Schmid)

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