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The dollar price in Peru This Friday ran without major changes, after the greenback recorded losses internationally due to investor doubts about the results of the US presidential election.

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In the first operations, the exchange rate It was trading at S / 3.5955 on the interbank market, a marginal increase of S / 0.01% from S / 3.5951 at the end of Thursday, according to Bloomberg data.

The index dollar, which measures the currency’s performance against a basket of leading currencies, sank today and hit its lowest level in more than two months as the vote count in the US election lengthened.

Investors are betting that democratic hope Joe Biden he will become the next president, but the Senate will remain Republican-majority, making it difficult for Democrats to approve the large fiscal spending plan they are pushing.

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Biden keeps the lead over the president Donald TrumpBut some major states are still counting votes and the president is escalating legal challenges against counting, so there is still a high degree of uncertainty.

In the parallel market or in the exchange houses of Lima, the exchange rate is quoted at S / 3.590 for the purchase and S / 3.610 for the sale.

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Joe Biden says he will “undoubtedly” win the elections in the United States. (AFP).



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