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When you understand Dogecoin, you understand that the concept behind it is to create a fun cryptocurrency. Where cryptocurrencies are complicated, complex and intimidating, Dogecoin tries to make it all a little more fun. The electron, on the other hand, aims to be simple; simple to understand, simple to use and simple to use. Electroneum understands that there are millions of people who are interested in buying cryptocurrency but who find it difficult to get accounts and buy. With Electroneum, you can purchase and extract via a mobile app.

What makes Electroneum special?

Electroneum was created in 2013 and, unlike most of the coins of the era that were created in Asia and America, the currency was created in Britain, becoming the first British cryptocurrency. Although built on the basis of Monero codes, Electroneum is unique in that it is based on a mobile application. This made it easy to purchase and use. The team behind the project believes that its simplicity prepares it for mass adoption and will give access to millions of people interested in cryptocurrencies.

In some cryptocurrency exchanges, users must have bank accounts, take a selfie while retaining their identity card, must reside in specific countries and other requirements. Most of these requirements have prompted some uncomfortable investors to give up this information from investing. Electroneum performs all cryptographic operations using a simply downloaded mobile application.

In addition to simplicity, the coin has an emphasis on privacy. This is not a surprise since the coin was built on Monero. It also makes it very easy to extract Electroneum since anyone with a phone and downloaded the app can do it. This eliminates the need for mining hardware that tends to be expensive and in recent years has been criticized for being a little friend of the environment. The app, although built as a mobile app, can be used in mobile phones and desktops. The team behind the coin believes that these characteristics combined constitute the currency for mass adoption.

At the time of the press, Electroneum is trading at $ 0.013686, up 18% in the last 24 hours. The currency has a market capitalization of $ 109,197,877.Dogecoinoge

What makes Dogecoin special?

It started around the same time in 2013, but when Electroneum started out as a serious cryptocurrency trying to compete with bitcoins, Dogecoin was a sensation of the internet. Dogecoin was born as a meme of a Japanese dog (Shiba Inu) nicknamed "doge". It's a cute and cuddly look made famous through social media and in particular on Twitter.

Jackson Palmer, the founder of the currency, quickly took up the idea and developed "doge" in a payment gateway while it was still a feeling of the internet. Due to the popularity it had already gathered, the currency became popular among Internet users, attracting a loyal community. Although it took time for people to fully understand and believe it, due to its foundation, Dogecoin proved to be one of the best payment gateways and investment options in 2018. The year was also the most successful successful coins.

A characteristic of the currency that has attracted investors is the fact that its price does not depend on the bitcoin. Most cryptocurrencies change prices according to the behavior of bitcoins, and this always affects both negatively or positively independently of individual results. However, Dogecoin does not. Even when the bitcoin is in trouble, Dogecoin is able to record profits based on its results.

At the time of printing, Dogecoin is trading at $ 0.005719, up 1.56% in the last 24 hours. And it has a market capitalization of $ 665,068,088.


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