Dogecoin DOGE / USD Only Double Digit Gainer: over 20% as Doge-Ethereum is announced


In recent months, Dogecoin has made several important announcements as an attempt to keep up with the growing crypto-verse. The latest is the team's statement that on 5 September 2018 the token transfer bridge will be released between the Ethereum network and the Dogecoin chain.


The team behind the coin meme-d is working strictly on the intelligent contract – Dogethereum. During execution as a bridge, it easily enables transfers between the two chains. The coin processed here is more advantageous as its range of operations increases accordingly with the latter in terms of Ethereum's flexibility with smart contracts.

When the connection has begun, Dogecoin will gain from the link by being supported by the stable price movement of Ethereum tokens and liquidity. This is a conclusion of the services offered by Ethereum.

– Dogecoin founder (DOGE), Jackson Palmer, weighed up an alleged cryptocurrency theft linked to AT & T, an internationally recognized telecommunications company, stating that it is surprising the cryptocurrency that millionaires are falling prey

Palmer and other cryptocurrency fans are troubled by the US $ 23.8 million stolen fund and US cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin.

"Do not get me wrong, SIM jacking is ridiculous and 1) Mobile providers need to act together + 2) Services must stop supporting SMS 2FA."

– California based fintech company, Robinhood, has announced that it will insert Dogecoin into its rapidly expanding mobile crypto app. This announcement only comes a few days after Robinhood revealed support for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


The only gain of 30 August 2018 – the DOGE / USD pair in how much it flies over the $ 0.003000 sign reaching $ 0.003133 with an increase of 23.27% in the last 24 hours. It is the leader of the BTC market for 25.39%.


Source: coinmarketcap

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