Dogecoin (DOGE) Revolutionary stellar performance: the impact of the Ethereum on currency


It seems like everything happened in a few seconds. On Wednesday morning, traders witnessed a big price collapse while the BTC plunged to a low of $ 6,450 from $ 7,377 in a day.

As explained in a post by EthereumWorldNews, the last day and its rapid decline could make us scrambling enthusiasts conclude that the market is too volatile to get an idea of ​​the SEC. Believing that recovery encryption will be supported by the commission's acceptance by the ETF could turn into a long game of waiting.

However, influencing your opinion with the original idea of ​​how Bitcoin and the whole concept of blockchain have started, we do not need the ETF for the crypto-verse to be meaningful. When the adoption reaches the level of making the pawns immune to the bearish news that the ecosystem could be solved.

With that said and in the middle of this violent sale, there is a gold coin beloved the community loves – Dogecoin.

Dogecoin DOGE

Surely you know how the altcoins follow the most important performance of the Bitcoin BTC in the lead against the USD, however in the last week the DOGE / USD has kept its head above the waters with a model of unique movement. The latest announcement of an Ethereum-Dogecoin network bridge for an efficient transfer between the two may have caused the bullish sentiment on the currency. The coin processed here is more advantageous as its range of operations increases accordingly with the latter in terms of flexibility of Ethereum with smart contracts.

Returning to the market now, among all the top 50 major coins DOGE is the only one that is not in decline with a two-digit percentage. Being in red with only 4.00% for the last 24 hours, he is balancing the bulls and the bears at $ 0.0049, trying to make it over $ 0.0050.

This independence from the market action shown by Dogecoin could bring more investments to the inflow, thus raising the value even further. It also requires a low level of money to put a good amount of tokens into your digital wallet.

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