Does coronavirus mutation in mink put vaccine at risk? To understand


A mutation detected in purpose, which refers to a change in the amino acid in the new protein coronavirus SARSCoV-2, behind the disease Covid-19, n affections the ability of the immune system to recognize the infection.

A team of scientists who looked at the data refined An analysis published in Nature, and published in the journal Galileu, reports that the mutations are not particularly alarming, because there is nothing to indicate that the virus spreads more rapidly among humans, makes the disease more lethal or alters the formulation of vaccines.

According to Astrid Iversen, virologist University of Oxford, in statements to Nature: “mutations associated with the mink which we know are not associated with rapid spread. ”


As Galileo explains, Jannik Fonager, virologist from Statens Serum Institute, Danish health authority, shared with the scientific journal Nature that Danish scientists sequenciaram viral samples from multiple individuals e detetaram about 300 variants that could be traced back to purpose. This implies that the mutations may have initially appeared in animals.

In addition, there were foci of the pathology purpose in the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy and the United States.

Consequently, the Danish Prime Minister, Puts Frederiksen, declared on 4 November plans to end the creation of purpose and massacre about 17 million specimens no country.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands has plans to exterminate the entire population of purpose until 2021.

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