Do not be the jerk who brings the bitcoin to this Thanksgiving


Last Thanksgiving, the Americans sat down with their families, thanked for generosity and talked about bitcoins. At least it seemed that people everywhere, young and old, were suddenly interested in cryptocurrencies and wondered if they would have to get on the decentralized train. There were even guides on how to discuss cryptocurrencies with your relatives at dinner.

It made sense.

Bitcoin, the major cryptocurrency, has traded at a maximum intraday of $ 8.267 last Thanksgiving, with an incredible 724 percent from the beginning of 2017, according to CoinMarketCap data. After a post-Thanksgiving rally, it hit $ 10,000. In mid-December, that amount doubled to nearly $ 20,000.

It seemed like it was going forever up and to the right. Until it was. Bitcoin – along with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and litecoin – spent most of 2018 in a crash.

Two days before Thanksgiving this year, the bitcoin is trading at $ 4,577, or 77% below its peak.

So, in case the people around your table bought in encrypted last year and did not come out in time, it might be a good idea to deal with the subject like politics, keep quiet and pass the deal .

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