Discovery Drug Platform Verseon launches Blockchain-based Exchange Securities


U.S .. The pharmaceutical company Verseon has become the last medical organization to experiment with blockchain technology, confirmed in a press release on Tuesday 18 September.

Verseon's main product is its physics-based drug discovery platform. The company was founded in 2002 and is now listed on the London Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of 211 million pounds (277 million dollars).

Part of a growing trend among major pharmaceutical players to exploit the data and security benefits of Blockchain, BlockRules, the company's subsidiary, will facilitate what it describes as technology that "supports the sale, launch and sale of titles on a public blockchain. "

This, explains the statement, "enables fully regulated, secure and transparent stock support, including decentralized trade" and will assist other pharmaceutical operators in reviewing their financing and development strategy.

"With the democratization of access to investment with blockchain technology, we will change the way new drugs and other life sciences innovations are funded and how the resulting revenues are shared," commented Adityo Prakash, CEO of Verseon.

The move marks a continuation of innovation that stands

As reported by Cointelegraph, many actors have identified the ability of the blockchain to safeguard previously expensive and inefficient processes such as supply chains and to ensure that drugs do not be tampered with.

Individual configurations also appear beyond large companies, such as in Taiwan, where at the beginning of this month a hospital introduced a blockchain registration system for sensitive patient data.

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