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When the years go by and the memory of the pandemic fades, there is a melody that we will always remember and that is Jerusalem, the hymn of hope that united the five continents. Master KG and Nocembo Zikode They lit a flame that spread all over the world creating a melody with which millions of inhabitants of the world felt holding hands. Jerusalem, that song that left us all speechless for its true meaning, has become a worldwide phenomenon who is here to stay and leave a mark in the history of music. Just like its creators, that’s why we look into it today the most curious details their life, their origins and how they face Jerusalem’s worldwide success

1. South African roots

Both artists are South Africans, Master KG, whose real name is Kgaogelo Moagi, was born in 1996 in the village of Calais in Limpopo, one of the poorest provinces in Africa, while Nomcebo was born in Mpumalanga in 1985.

2. The feminine power they wanted to give to “Jerusalema”

In South Africa 11 official languages ​​are spoken, of which Maestro KG has chosen the band for the lyrics JerusalemNot just for its sweetness and rhythm, but also because this is one of the official languages ​​of its native Limpopo. Venda’s people are not very numerous and known for his affection for the spirit world, hence the meaning of the song. And that too Let me be the main voice Well, in this African population, women occupy an important place in culture and they even manage to position themselves hierarchically in society.

3. The figure of Maestro KG and Nomcebo in the song

According to a biblical allegory, there is an earthly Jerusalem and a heavenly Jerusalem. Nomcebo sings to that heavenly Jerusalem as in a prayer: “Protect me, bless me”. In the Bible, the earthly Jerusalem is represented by man, God the Father where his children serve as slaves and the woman symbolizes the heavenly Jerusalem, God the Mother, where her children are free. So in the song Master KG occupies the male place, the ground Y Nomcebo, the heavenly place woman who honors the power of women in the Venda culture.

4. Master KG has been composing from the age of 13

Maestro KG started composing with rhythms when he was thirteen. His career started to take off when he contacted Dj Maebela. In 2016, after many years of practice and dedication, he launched his first single, Situation. But it wasn’t until 2018 that his career took off his debut album Skeleton move, an album that has been successful across the African continent.

5. Nomcebo was the only person who could give voice to “Jerusalema”

Nomcebo Zikode has a degree in computer science and although he probably has one of the deepest and most angelic voices we’ve ever heard, his music career has always been in the shadow of other singers. Master KG knew this from the first moment the only voice that could fit Jerusalem It was from Nomcebo. “I called her, she came to the studio, we sat down together, I played her and I told her I wanted the song to be as spiritual as possible. There we started downloading ideas and then this Jerusalem, Jerusalem is my home It just came out of nowhere, while we were relaxed. And we loved it! We said ok? Yes Yes Yes! Let’s leave it like this. So we recorded it and from that moment we started to love it, “revealed the DJ

6. Master KG elected best African electro artist

Master KG’s short but intense career has already amassed several awards, in 2018 it was recognized as best artist in African Electro with his song Skeletal movement which also won two other awards for Best Song of the Year and Best Dance Song. In 2019 he received the award as South Africa’s Best Male Artist.

7. “Jerusalem” avoided the loss of a prodigious voice

One year before the success of Jerusalem, Nomcebo was about to give up on his dream of being a soloist. “I was about to lose hope, when Master KG proposed it to me I thought, now?” He said in the Guardian. After the success of Jerusalem, Nomcebo decided to start his own way and released her debut album, Forgive my soul, a project that includes several songs with his friend and partner, Master KG and whose title song was a hit in South Africa, positioning itself as platinum.

8. In the future, Nocembo could sing “Jerusalema” in Spanish

Jerusalem has been updated in many languages, of all, N.omcebo said what he would most like to learn would be Spanish to be able to sing, as stated in an interview for South African television. So who knows? We hope that in the future we will be able to enjoy Zikode’s voice in our language.

9. Master Kg is not just a DJ

Despite the fact that Master KG is breaking the rules by becoming one of the best known DJs in the world, does not want to be limited to house music. He himself spoke in an interview for South African television that he is a musician and for this reason he doesn’t want to get stuck in just one style. “I just want to make music,” he condemned

10. The artists didn’t expect the song to have an international impact

Jerusalem it was a whole serendipia. The artists knew that in order for the song to have an international projection, it was best to sing in English. Zikode preferred to remain in his mother tongue because he did not even imagine that Jerusalem could reach other countries. “I wasn’t focusing on being Beyoncé,” she said in an interview. “It was just me, singing what I know.” Zikode stated. The morning after he recorded the song, he listened to the recording in his car. “He had goosebumps all over his body,” he recalled in an interview

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