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One of the first names that come to mind when Turkey called the tech shops Media market puts his signature again under a huge campaign. and Media market starting from the shops Offers from 6 to 9 November In the campaign, the prices of many products were discounted.

Discount on the HUAWEI P Smart 2021 price! Both in Turkey!

The most striking of these products is Huawei’nin popular model P Smart 2021 price discount. P Smart 2021 still at the moment Media market shops and on the website for 3,299 TL. In addition, with the possibility of 10-month interest-free installments.

As part of the MediaMarkt campaign Grundig A +++ The price of the 9 kg washing machine was also reduced to 2599 TL. Additionally, this machine has a 10 year engine warranty.

So the opportunities are over? Obviously not. If you need a 4K TV on the eve of the next generation consoles, we remind you that the price of the Samsung satellite receiver with 139 Smart 4K LED TV screen has dropped to 6599 TL. Furthermore Media market A 350 TL cash card as a gift for CLUB members!

If you don’t want to miss these opportunities, Media market store or visit for discounted product offers.


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