Digital Shares ICO Cryptocurrency Mining Model to share profits

  MyCoinCloud: Digital Shares ICO Cryptocurrency Mining Model to share profits

MyCoinCloud: Why should you consider funding for this company founded

MyCoinCloud is a consolidated company that sells virtual shares as part of a crowdfunding strategy , where each buyer has a specific percentage of the business. The idea behind this project is not just the purchase of tokens for speculative purposes, but rather the participation in this useful business model that has already proved to be successful.

Above all, the various virtual shares on sale are reliably supported and stabilized by the company's activities as security for all those who consider joining.

Minimal Risk Investment

While it may not be the only company to offer digital resources, MyCoinCloud has built a solid business model and is ready to take a considerable step soon. The company is headquartered in Bulgaria and has been developing its cloud mining cryptography services for over three years. The plan is to sell up to 50% of the shares to partners and investors to continue to develop their services and make encryption profitable.

MyCoinCloud bases its crowdfunding goals on the fact that its activity has proved to be adequate for many users.

The company has built the trust of its audience by offering effective services at a time when multiple cloud mining solutions were just scams. From 2015 when it was founded, MyCoinCloud company showed significant progress with two fully operational data centers with a capacity of 2,600 KW / h, nearly 6,000 active customers and the ability to support several contracts including BTC, ZEC , ETH and XMR among others.

Cloud Mining with Solar Power

Cloud mining refers to the outsourcing of crypto mining processes to external data centers, thus avoiding the high costs of purchasing mining equipment and high energy bills. This service is what MyCoinCloud offers, with highly intuitive and efficient mining centers. The company intends to use solar energy to generate up to 80% of its energy needs.

The funds created by the upcoming September crowdfunding will be used to purchase solar panels and also to help with the construction of the dedicated electricity grid and an advanced ventilation system. Solar energy will instantly reduce overall costs by $ 0.06 and both customers and investors will share these savings benefits.

Crowdfunding Details

MyCoinCloud will sell 49% of the company's shares, which is equivalent to 100,000 MCC tokens. The minimum number of tokens you can purchase is 10 MCC and there will be three types of MCC tokens with costs between $ 12 and $ 15. So, you will need a minimum of $ 150 or the equivalent amount to Bitcoin to invest in MyCoinCloud.

The shares will also carry annual dividends, which means more profits for shareholders as the company expands and becomes more effective. The entire platform is based on the use of smart contracts, with revenue generated after three months.

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