Digital Currency Group VP expects continued growth of the blockchain technology infrastructure in 2019


The growth of cryptographic infrastructures for institutional investors, blockchain games and non-illegible tokens are all areas that deserve to be closely observed in 2019, according to Travis Scher, vice president of Crypto Investment Company Digital Currency Group. In his interview with Business Insider, Scher predicts that infrastructure growth for institutional investors will mirror that of retail investors in 2018. Some things are already moving forward – Intercontinental Exchange is launching a bitcoin product on Bakkt this month, while ErisX will offer commercials trading in various cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain games and non-illegal tokens provide alternative uses of blockchain technology, says Scher. The first game Ethereum-CryptoKitties-has raised $ 27.85 million in funding by November 2018. Non-penetrating tokens, on the other hand, allow such digital collectible games to function – each token is unique and distinguishable.

However, Scher does not expect any sudden surge in funding during the first two quarters of 2019, as stated in his interview that "the condemnations for risk funds in this sector will be decidedly lower".

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