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The Digibyte community in the past made several petitions to get the coin listed on Binance. However, yesterday that dream went more or less after a tweet out of Jared Tate directed to the CEO of Binance. Jared's explosion concerned the CEO's comments on DocuSign and his presumed ignorance of Digusign. Jared made a blow to Binance, implying that he accepts payments to list sloppy tokens. Take a look at the tweet below.

Jared's tweet was received with mixed reactions from the Digibyte community (DGB), with the feeling that he has sunk Digibyte's (DGB) hopes of being listed on Binance. The big question now is that Digibyte (DGB) needs Binance?

Well, in the short term, chances are good that Digibyte needs Binance and all the other big exchanges. This is because these exchanges come with a greater level of publicity that can help stimulate demand. There is a reason why coins are always tilted to be listed on exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. The marketing that comes with such ads is incredible. It makes more people aware of cryptography, thus increasing demand. If it were not important, the coins would not be willing to separate from millions of dollars to be listed.

However, in the long run, Digibyte may not need Binance. This is because the future is in the decentralized exchanges. Thanks to atomic swap, the future of cryptos will be in peer-to-peer transfers without the need for a part 3 rd . It is not only cheaper, but also safer. Only this year, several major exchanges have been violated or have undergone hacking attempts. There is no guarantee that centralized exchanges will not be a target for hackers in the future. There is also the fact that most of the centralized exchanges now require KYC, which virtually eliminates the whole idea of ​​exchanges in the first place. As decentralized trade begins to gain market dominance, strong successes like Digibyte that do not rely on the hype will be successful.

But even in the short term, it's not all dark and gloomy for Digibyte now that Binance is out of the question. Digibyte (DGB) is already listed in several major exchanges, and others are listing it. As such, the Digibyte (DGB) market access is still on track. Anyone who wants to buy Digibyte can not really miss access as an excuse. In fact, more fiat pairings for DGB now not only make it more accessible, but also puts it on the path of decoupling from Bitcoin.

Besides that, Jared's jab on Binance and the advertising he received is good marketing for Digibyte. He always said that there is nothing like bad publicity. There's someone somewhere who did not know about Digibyte (DGB), but now knows it. These people will explore more the DGB and learn of its strength in the blockchain ecosystem.

This tug has also presented Digibyte (DGB) as a crypt that is driven by integrity and is not willing to pay just for advertising. This could play a huge role in its long-term adoption. This is because companies move from centralized to decentralized systems, it will take far more than simple technical superiority. Reliability and transparency will also be an important factor. Basically, this whole problem could be a victory for a disguised Digibyte.

At present, Digibyte (DGB) is trading at $ 0.025 and has increased by over 4% and ranked 34 on the coin market cap. It is showing signs of positive growth despite the radically reduced possibilities of entering Binance. It is a sign that Digibyte is strong and is not affected by exchanges.

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