Dieter Bohlen (RTL / DSDS) with Carina on a beach ride – then it gets completely awkward


Ouch! Dieter Bohlen went for a ride on the beach with his Carina. Then it got really awkward. But not for him.

  • Dieter Bohlen indulge on the point of DSDS (RTL) a ride on the side of his Carina.
  • A photo ended up with Instagram.
  • For a fan, it gets really awkward for a moment.

Mykonos – The Call back for DSDS is in full swing. Despite the captivating exit from the jury Wendler and despite the Corona-Pandemics All survivors of the first round can now face the second. Take strict hygiene precautions (see video above). Namely on the Greek island Mykonos.

Dieter Bohlen (DSDS / RTL) poses with Carina during a ride on the beach

Much to do for the sworn chief Dieter Bohlen – but not enough not to allow yourself some free time in between. The keen driver is now apparently getting along well with his Nice on the beach, on horseback. Both seem to visibly enjoy the dream scenery and the only slightly cloudy sky. This is one Instagram– Photo that landed on the shared account on Friday (October 23).

“Nice ride today Strand“, It says in the description. And as often happens, Dieter Bohlen insists Comment column to directly answer the questions of some of its 1.5 million followers. When asked how long he has been riding, they say: “Forever”. When asked where the children are, the answer is: “Here”.

Dieter Bohlen (DSDS / RTL) is asked by the fan where he is – and takes him hard on the arm

But it gets really awkward in the comment column – and not for Dieter Bohlen and Carina, but for a follower. “Which beach? Baltic sea?? “Dieter Bohlen wonders. And let the fan be strong.”Wangerooge“That’s Bohlen’s answer, which completely messed up the follower.

At least the fan notices it right away. Because the fact that Bohlen is in Mykonos is not only known to everyone, after all, he posts up and down from there. Also, “Mikonos” is written large and wide to indicate the position of the image. And the landscape doesn’t really resemble the Baltic Sea. The fan easily gets hit by a megastar like this. “Oh, now they have a new backcountry. Sorry, I should have seen earlier. But Wangerooge fits your always good sayings. “Nice reaction, it can happen.

Otherwise there are a lot of enthusiastic reactions to the photo. “You have a wonderful life” and “It looks wonderful,” he says among other things. Much less attractive to many is what Giovanni Zarrella showed almost simultaneously on Instagram. (lin)

List of columns: © Dieter Bohlen / Instagram

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