Dieter Bohlen (DSDS / RTL) in the restaurant with his Carina – but when the waiter arrives, he goes completely crazy


Dieter Bohlen after DSDS shooting work

© Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa-Bildfunk

Dieter Bohlen is currently shooting for DSDS (RTL) on the Greek island of Mykonos. At the restaurant, he and his team end the evening relaxed, until the waiter arrives.

Mykonos – Filming of the new season “Germany seeks the superstar” (DSDS, RTL) are in full swing. Despite the coronavirus, the “Call back” shot on the Greek island. In the second round they sing Casting show-Participants subject to strict hygiene requirements in groups in front of the jury. This changed the enthusiasm for the expulsion of Michael Wendler as a member of the jury nothing. The next Chief Juror Dieter Bohlen vote this year Mike Singer is Maite Kelly the talents.

Dieter Bohlen also has Mrs. Carina with him in Mykonos

So a lot of work for Dieter Bohlen, but when shooting ends in the evening, there is still some free time. He recently drew attention to himself with a photo of himself and his wife Carina riding on the beach. Now he is posting a new video about the hammer.

Instagram dance video: fun despite the pandemic

Obviously Dieter Bohlen is completely normal in a cute one Greek restaurant to eat. Comment his post with “My dream team”. When the waiter hands him the knife, however, he holds his hand jump on – and the whole crew around Dieter Bohlen suddenly he dances exuberantly on one leg while you hold your hand or elbow and stretch it.

Dieter Bohlen dances viral TikTok dance – worried fans

The whole is a gag that is called dance especially with the TikTok social media platform it’s trendy. Someone seems to have fun and enjoy life even in difficult times. The “Bohlen dance group” is made up of his bodyguard, stylists, producer DSDS and his Pretty Lady, but the waiter joins in the fun too.

The admirers is happy in Comment column: “This is really a dream team you have there! This definitely makes a lot of things easier!” It can be read there, for example. However, some fans also express concern. Because in the video no one wears a mask or maintains the minimum distance. TV is being broadcast new season DSDS Early 2021. (jh) * is part of the national Ippen-Digital publishing network.

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