Diet of Ana Aslan, the woman who lived 92 years. That’s all…


The Professor has led the institute since its foundation in 1952, when it was the first in the world and was called the Institute of Geriatrics, then became, in 1974, the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics, until her death on May 19, 1988, writes the .com magazine.

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Ana Aslan had aristocratic blood. His mother was from Bucovina and his father from Braila. She was taught to eat well, at set times, in a healthy way. Good food “like the Romanian peasant”, says Dr. Speranta Prada, pharmacist, president of the “Ana Aslan” Foundation. Being a doctor, Ana Aslan has brought this good nutrition into her patients’ diets.

“Everything should be as natural as possible, canned food should be avoided. Food should naturally carry what the body needs. No unnecessary substances.” Lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and, of course, lots of exercise.

Normally, a patient’s day, from a nutritional point of view, should look like this: breakfast, snack, lunch (the teacher had lunch at 13:30), snack, dinner (18:00 – 19:00).

In terms of meat, it had a kind of podium: beef, fish, poultry, lamb / sheep, pork. But pork doesn’t really recommend it. We therefore recommend the liver, the tongue, generally the meat of animals which, in turn, feed cleaner. and, be careful, all the bristles! Sometimes, they go and make them in the oven.

At that time, they ate meat and vegetables with little protein, not meat with nothing. Now let’s eat meat with a little side dish.

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The Mediterranean diet? Well, the tomatoes with cheese and bread that the Romanian farmer eats?
As I said, I recommend the vegetables. in its natural state or soufflé, many soufflés. Then dairy products, eggs.

No frying, no fat.

He also had favorites: light beef soup, with croutons, parsley and pepper, carp over sauerkraut, catfish, lemon salami broth, sarmalute without rice, poultry pilaf, turkey, mushrooms with baked cheese. and he also had a weak dessert: he liked the homemade “Buturuga” pie. “If he got a pastry pie … he gave it away, don’t eat it.”


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