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Diana Carolina Ramirez Reyes | Ecuador: manifestations and attacks against the Venezuelans in Ibarra | VIDEO | World | Latin America

Ibarra. Shots, persecutions and raids on the properties in which citizens live Venezuelan they are recording Ibarra -North of ecuador– city in which the murder was registered during the weekend Diana Carolina Ramirez Reyes at the hands of his alleged partner, of Venezuelan nationality; according to videos broadcast on social networks.

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The images show the crowd that pursues the citizens Venezuelan inside the shopping centers and through the streets of Ibarra.

In other films you can see a crowd entering an address, where one or more people from Venezuela would live, and taking away their properties. It is assumed that the crowd has tried to burn the goods thrown on the floor, but you can see that the police arrive on the spot to try to control the situation.

Images of marches have also been published in the streets of Ibarra. In the video you can hear screams like: "Get away from the outside!" or "See, hear, Ibarra is present! "

– They ask for calm …

Associations of Venezuelan in ecuador They asked today's society not to generalize and attempt against their compatriots or property, and special protection authorities, after the brutal femicide in Ibarra.

From Sunday morning, messages of hatred towards the community could be read on social networks Venezuelan in the country following the tragic event, before which the organizations that defend the rights of this community ask for protection and special protection.

"Because of the blindness and deplorable action of this person, they are taking measures outside the legal framework against citizens who have nothing to do with what happened," explained Daniel Regalado, president and representative legal advice of the Civil Association Venezuela in ecuador AC, which has 125,000 members in the country.

Regalado confirmed that social networks have become the platform for "bitter reactions against citizens Venezuelan of good "and in this sense asked" not to generalize ".

He recalled that in the city of Ibarra "We have many people in a situation of particular vulnerability, who are fleeing their country and because they can not rely on resources that can not access a rented house", so they sleep on the streets.

And in a statement released by his association, he condemns the events that occurred at ecuador"where a band of indolent men has blinded the lives of women and acted against their rights".

But at the same time it invites the security forces to "monitor, implement and promote the integral security of the population without distinction of nationality", especially of children, the elderly and the disabled.

"We ask the community in general not to fall into provocation and mismanagement of the vocabulary in the networks", there is abundance of the document that urges the compatriots' organizations not to demonstrate without a police presence.

Between 2014 and 2018, they entered ecuador more than 1.2 million Venezuelan, according to the Foreign Ministry, which granted about 97,000 visas to signatories of this nationality

Source: El Comercio / EFE

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