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Diagram Crypto Ponzi "Coin Signals" deals with music as Silver Miller Officially due to file


Crypto Ponzi Scheme Faces The Music – Silver Miller Officially lawsuit

Anyone with a shred of experience in the investment world will know that this is a Ponzi scheme. And nowhere is it more cleaned up in terms of excessively optimistic investment capital than the world of cryptocurrency. One, in particular, managed to run over $ 5 million manufactured assets.

Known for having one of the best reputations among legal action firms based both in the United States and internally World cryptocurrency, Silver Miller is making the first (digital) pages this week.

According to an announcement from the company on Wednesday, the company said it officially started pushing for a new judicial case Ponzi scheme based on cryptography, with the action that directly appoints Jeremy Spence, one of those who has been accused of having managed the scheme.

Within the corporate declaration on December 26, it is written within the federal lawsuit that Spence fraudulently sold investments to buyers through fictitious hedge funds and often completely manufactured under its own shell organization – Signals of coins.

According to Silver Miller,

"The goal behind the lawsuit is that he wants the court" to withdraw investments in the fraudulent funds of the Coin Signals; return their cryptocurrency to investors; impose a pecuniary penalty on Spence and his collaborators for their fraud and impose constructive trust on the assets collected by Spence ", this was clarified in the body of the declaration made on December 26th."

Operating in such a way as to fraudulently defraud its otherwise unsuspecting shoppers, Spence has attracted and misled potential customers through its social media presence. Put to use a digital "silver language" on messaging applications such as Discord and Telegram – popular communication channels for the blockchain / Cryptocurrency community.

it was through these media that he presented himself as a senior member of the company, promising to be a very successful cryptocurrant trader, promising those who invested in one of the Signals of coins hedge funds a consistent generation of high returns.

Instead of providing investors with the same "solid returns" of the funds they managed, the law firm criptovaluta strongly states that Spence has been deliberately deceived by customers, leading a classic operation based on Ponzi.

In other words, he was responsible for raising funds from investors to manage one of his "hedge funds". Instead, he would take these newly acquired funds and provide them to the older members of the company, deceiving them and stating that they were profits from their initial investment.

Far from the mere fact of being a passive player within this scheme, Spence earned a lot from the same partnership – pocketing a large amount of capital for himself – to a large extent to support his personal expenses and pending debts. It was with this "high watermark" of his scam that the company claimed to be responsible for managing assets for over $ 5 million.

Silver Miller – Holding companies are responsible
For fraudulent activity in the cryptocurrency space

Silver Miller he was more than active in the legal scene fighting against fraudulent activities from within the cryptocurrency worldand has proved to be a protector of consumer rights within the cryptographic space, and the last legal case proves this.

Together with the main seeds against the companies, Silver Miller has taken on behalf of individuals and groups of investors which have been influenced to a certain extent by illegal activities and fraudulent business practices.

Right now, Silver Miller has a number of pending lawsuits against a number of popular cryptocurrency platforms and platforms that are well known to users. These include companies like Kraken, BitConnect, Cryptsy Exchanges and even Coinbase. The law firm was also legally involved in lawsuits against pre-functional promoters of initial tokens based on tokens like Monkey Capital and Tezos.

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