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Developments that will shape Litecoin's (LTC) fortunes in 2019

The year started with a bad note for most of the altcoins. Litecoin (LTC) was under heavy pressure as its value was steadily declining. The coin sometimes showed signs of climbing only to hit massive declines. Investors are already fed up and try to sell off their assets. but there is still hope. There are imminent developments that will shape the fortunes of the currency next year.

Low rates as an attraction

The price of Litecoin (LTC) is very convenient. As many cryptocurrencies hope for the bulls in 2019, their prices will be on the rise. To have a point of support in the crypto community, Litecoin (LTC) must keep its transaction fees low. Investors could turn to it while the value of other currencies increases. Moreover, the currency will produce big hits next year. So a lower transaction fee will drive more investment. The price must also be stable.

Regulations SEC

Litecoin (LTC) will rebound to a maximum of $ 200 in early 2019 if the security tag is removed around the neck. All eyes are on the SEC to state that money is not a security. There are many companies waiting for partnerships. Characters like Tesla and Uber will approach the coin if the SEC hammer fails to nail Litecoin (LTC) as collateral.

List exchange

The value of each cryptographic currency is normally guided by exchange and adoptions. Litecoin (LTC) is not an exception. Tons of trades are out there to adopt the currency if the price returns to normal. Massive adoptions will be in sight when this happens.

The bulls are coming back

Litecoin (LTC) is currently at the lowest level. Despite the propagandized factors that can affect the rebound, things will not be as they were in the beginning. The currency will make progress; but at a slower pace. The bulls will return in 2019 and the coin will have better chances to regain its lost glories.

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