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Development Blockchain Master for $ 19

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been a topic of popular conversation in recent times and, regardless of whether or not they are the future of the banking and purchasing industry, they could still be a good investment for some at the moment. The development of your cryptocurrencies or distributed applications can be a rather lucrative business, but you need the know how to get started.

The Mastery Bundle Developer Blockchain 2019 is a series of eight courses that allow you to learn the development of Blockchain from beginners to advanced development, such as creating cryptocurences with JavaScript. These courses are sold regularly at $ 842, but you can get from Android Central Digital Offers for only $ 19, with a savings of 97%.

You will get the following courses in the Mastery package for Blockchain developers:

  • Starting from Blockchain Technology for Developers
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Master class investing in cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin Investing Fundamentals
  • Starting with EOS Blockchain for Developers
  • Building cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
  • Build Cryptocurrencies with JavaScript
  • Introduction to NEM Blockchain for Developers

So if you're looking to start a career in app development or cryptocurrency using Blockchain or even if you're just a hobbyist, check out the Blockchain 2019 Developer Masterchain package on Android Central Digital Offers and get all eight courses for only $ 19.

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