Despite the downsizing, the state maintains the commitment to build the main infrastructure of Ethereum


December 14, 2018, 21:43

The status has recently fired 25% of staff and reduced salaries for other employees. He says he is committed to delivering on his white paper, improving the app and building the main infrastructure.

On Monday, Status announced to its staff that, due to budget restrictions caused by the winter crypto, it is firing 25 percent of its staff. The remaining employees were asked to reduce wages until the market was restored.

Addressing the employees of Status, co-founder Jarrad Hope claimed partial responsibility, along with co-founder Carl Bennetts, for underestimating Ether's pricing policy and failing to keep the promises made in the company's white paper June 2017. Going forward, Hope has declared the state renewed commitment to keeping its promises.

The redundancies reflect the state of restricted attention of the state. "I can not stress enough, we have two priorities, firstly delivering the promises of the whitepaper and secondly, making the app in a usable state This means that onboarding, reliability and ease of use allow people to actually use SNT, "said Hope." Currently, 25% of our roles are not essential for these goals and for our long-term growth projects, and unfortunately we are forced to ask the contributors to take them to leave today ".

While the focus was on supplying state-specific products, he also declared the company's commitment to "continue to build the main infrastructure of Ethereum and provide Serenity".

Contribute to open-source projects and build core infrastructures an important component of many companies that are building on Ethereum today. Although it is not directly profitable for a company, contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem is considered a core value for the community. The core of ethosum ethos is self-motivated participation and cooperation between free individuals.

However, it is worth noting that, at some level, the Ethereum conception of Status differs from the commonly promoted idea of ​​Ethereum as a movement, because Status claims a deep commitment to neutrality and apolitism. However, in a November blog post, Hope described Ethereum as an "allegive" and neutral platform, just like Status, as well as the commitment of Status in collaboration.

In any case, the state seems to stick to its values.

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