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Description of the last minute of AK Party spokesman Omer Celik: In Kerch Strait …

The AK party vice-president and party spokesman Omer Celik, in Syria, US troops attacked the attacks "President Trump to discourage this decision when you see a series of provocations: who is against the decision to withdraw from the usual fund you suspect when you write – no deep intelligence needed to see the address, adresi said.

Party spokesman Omer Celik after AK Party's FMC meeting issued statements on the agenda. Turkey's steel is seen saying that what was up operations in Afrin, Turkey's highest legitimacy was emphasized that this fight. Asserting that life security is the most important factor in the regions where the operation is carried out, Çelik said that the efforts of various terrorist organizations to dominate the region were closed by TSK.
As for the new deaths occurred in Mediterranean Steel, remembering that the ship carrying 120 refugees off Libya, sinking, "the Mediterranean sea to become a sea of ​​death is not the responsibility of the oppressed peoples, do not create adequate migration paths" he said. Steel also said it was so big of a responsibility of the racist state, a decrease in deaths due to Turkey's attitude revealed, noting that other countries as appropriate immigration officers to create routes through the immersion of the people oppressed by the boat. Çelik, who showed the caricature of a Malian immigrant child who died in the Mediterranean in 2015, told the boy's story.

"When the invitation is received, it is clear that the President will be evaluated in the best way şekil

When asked the MHP to request an invitation to the AK party or to President Erdoğan for the candidate's publicity meeting, Çelik said, ağı No invitation has yet been received. When an invitation is received, it is clear that this will be evaluated by our President in the best way. There will be a strong representation in response to this invitation. Naturally, these formats are at the discretion of MHP. While we are implementing our format, the President of the Republic explains the candidates of the Presidency of the Republic. If we would like to explain our county candidates in explaining the provinces, we will be satisfied with the format in our format. Taktir is Mr. Bahçeli and the MHP officials. Our friends will be there when there is an invitation. böyle

"We also follow closely coordination"

Steel, Black Sea in the Kerch Strait in relation to the naval accident, daki We closely follow this problem. The Tanzanian flags have arrived with the information, the owners are probably Turks. Of the 31 members of the crew, 16 are Turkish. Russia has sent 10 search and rescue vessels to the region. We also follow closely, he said.

"We were proud of Fazıl Say once again"

After President Erdoğan's visit to the Fazıl Say du s concert and the question about what was said backstage, Çelik said ıl It was a great concert. We were all very impressed. We were proud of Fazil Say once again Steel, President Erdogan and Fazil Dici who had passed a conversation on the Trojan.

Ini A provocation to undermine peace talks "

Regarding the terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Steel said: "We believe this is a provocation to undermine the peace talks.There are about 120 lives.We extend our condolences to the people of Afghanistan and Afghanistan.

Bu We see it as a series of provocations to discourage Trump from this decision "

Evaluation of attacks on US troops in Syria Steel, ecek When trying to take a correct step, a step to end conflicts in the region, these provocations occur. It is clear that some terrorist organizations in the region, perhaps some states, will take a series of actions to prevent this withdrawal. We see this as a series of provocations to deter President Trump from this decision. When you write against the decision to withdraw the usual suspects appear. You do not need profound intelligence to see this address

Stating that the first phase of the YPG safe area has removed Steel, "Essential anywhere in Syria, a terrorist organization should not maintain its viability as a force," he said.

"This is a crime of open hatred"

Hatay Mayor of Syrian refugees on social media to be a candidate for the mayor of steel declarations, racism, giving examples by saying that the başkan Hatay Mayor has no original side of this promise. The words that racists in Europe use against Muslims, Turks and refugees have been said only by changing a few words. This is a crime of open hate. He is targeting the Syrians. The numbers he says are all wrong. Nearly 20,000 Syrians have obtained citizenship, but you are putting it as if it could influence the outcome of the district elections. A policy that can not be accepted, who is responsible for the peace of the city should not. You are pointing to people who have died, giving false information to our citizens, reproducing racism like European Islam and Turkish enemies using other words here. We strongly condemn this Biz statement.

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