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Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Arab States: Lebanon presented a model work to organize and prepare this summit

The Deputy Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Hossam Zaki said in a press conference in the margins of the preparatory meetings of the summit that "the meeting that will be held in the second hour is for the ministers of foreign affairs and the economy and finances and this meeting is the final meeting, which will examine the points and draft resolutions presented in preparation for the full preparation and will take note that "the agenda of the summit can not be made available to the media now , but includes more than 27 elements of procedural elements and substantial elements concerning development work in Arab countries ".

Zaki said that "the most important of these articles: an article on Arab food security and cooperation between countries on the supply of the product in the free trade area and the Arab Charter for the development of the small and medium enterprises sector in how this sector is a pillar in all developing economies and is an Arab paper formulated to put all of the Arab Energy Strategy 2030, a voice on the Arabian common market for electricity , and in Lebanon there is an electricity problem: it is an important item on the management of solid waste and how to cooperate between countries on this topic throughout the world ".

He stressed that "there are also social issues, including the issue of women and the theme of the child and the theme of the Arab strategic framework for the eradication of poverty, a topic on the family action platform in the Arab region" , noting that "many of the voices have to do with the United Nations 2030 global sustainable development goals".

Zaki stressed that "there is also a voice on the study of the Arab area of ​​the digital economy, which is an important topic and the presence of this article indicates the recognition of the Arab countries that it is important to enter into a number of countries for the digital economy as a future economy, paving the way for many new jobs that do not exist "By pointing out that" the article on Syria has not been canceled, but obviously not all the visions are identical and there will be a dialogue at the level of ministers in today's meeting to reach a formula that is acceptable to everyone ".

And the lack of a large number of leaders, Zaki said: "This does not take the importance of the proposed topics", emphasizing that "the level of representation is important but the activation of decisions is not connected to it ", emphasizing that" Lebanon has provided a model of work in the organization and preparation for this summit. "

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