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Dentacoin to provide the dental sector with cost-efficiency and blockchain solutions

Patients will also be able to sell their dental data to research professionals, according to Dentacoin …

While the Swiss Federal Railroad illustrated the benefits of integrating the blockchain for train management systems last week, the new decentralized Dentacoin platform believes that the technology is also suitable for implementation in the dental sector.

According to its official website, Dentacoin aims to improve long-term health while reducing the cost of dental expenses and medical care. Working on the blockchain, the platform enables efficient and direct transactions and includes a review system that allows patients to select a dentist based on the rankings of other patients.

"The new generation of Dentacoin dentists brings patients to the fore by promoting smart prevention, implementing Blockchain-based software solutions and using industry-specific cryptocurrency," reads the company's Web site.

The platform is powered by DCN: an ERC20 compatible token that uses direct transactional methods for. The token can be purchased either through a card or through Changelly's encrypted exchange, and supports over 100 other cryptocurrencies.

Patients will be able to access the platform through the Dentacare mobile app, which according to Tech Bullion will be accessible to all ages, especially children, to encourage awareness of hygiene from an early age to help prevent the development of cavities in the future.

In addition, DentaVox is present on the platform: a market where patients can monetize their dental data by selling them to professional researchers for scientific study.

The Dentacoin network currently has over 1,800 registered dentists and over 190,000 users and followers, and over 70 dental institutions accept payments in Dentacoin.

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