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DENTACOIN: the Blockchain solution for the global dental industry

With the extreme flexibility and adoption of Blockchain technology, more and more industries and organizations are moving towards the decentralized system. Once considered only as a means of exchange and value through its tokenised system, technology is increasingly used for efficiency and the low-cost procedures it provides.

Dental care

The teeth and gums are very important parts of the human body. In addition to the aesthetic effects of having a good smile, mouth health has multiple benefits. With good teeth and gums, a person is able to chew food, allowing an easier disruption in the stomach for energy and the absorption of essential nutrients.

Poor health can cause more problems, such as halitosis, ENT-related illnesses and a discomfort that can leave the person on the whole unable to actively perform its functions.

Problems in the current dental care industry

Dental care is as important as any general health care. Yet, for a medical field in which a sick patient can be effectively rendered useless with a minimum of toothache, there are inefficiencies and problems in the way the whole health system is set up:

  • Expensive: Dental care can be expensive. From the proportion of dentists to the medicines and tools used in dental operations, all aspects and things are priced very high.
  • Insurance: The way health insurances are established in many regions, dental health care is a separate entity from general health care and having an insurance for this extra cost.
  • Fragmented data: Dental records are fragmented and if a patient changes his dentist or specialist, the doctor does not have access to complete records, making treatment difficult.
  • AwarenessMany people take dental health for granted and ignore precautionary practices, leading to diseases that can easily be avoided.
  • Trust of doctors: When a dentist's need arises, many people have confidence issues to go to a new dentist. They do not know how good the dentist is and what the reputation is.

Dentacoin: blockchaining dentistry solution

Dentacoin it is a decentralized platform that exploits the characteristics and properties of the blockchain to offer efficiency and low cost operations to patients and dentists worldwide. Offers:

  • Cost effectivenessBy using the blockchain, the platform enables an efficient transaction of value and cuts intermediaries, reducing costs such as dental fees and the supply of medicines.
  • DentaVoxA marketplace for dental data for research purposes, allows patients to monetize their data and sell to professionals who request it for their research.
  • Trusted reviews: A dedicated platform for the detailed and verified revision of dental professionals, allows patients to select a dentist close to them who has a good ranking to develop the trust of the patient physician. The reviews are based on patients from the past who classify their dentists, so the rankings are authentic.
  • Dentacare app: A mobile application aimed at all ages, especially for younger children, so that the awareness of dental hygiene is maximized and that future complications can be avoided. This consists of a 3-month monetized course, which allows children's greater dedication to dental care.
  • Dentacoin Assurance: A revolutionary and insurance program that allows patients to have an affordable and prevention-oriented monthly premium. It also encourages dental professionals to move towards a preventive rather than reactive approach to patients' dental problems.
  • Dentacoin database: A holistic and open database that is private at the same time. A patient's dental care record is stored permanently on the blockchain, allowing dentists to access the complete history with just a few clicks. This is useful if the patient changes dentist, the new professional will have the same access (with the permission of the patient) as the previous one, making dental care easy.

DCN: Monetizing Dental Care

The financial system of the Dentacoin platform is powered by an ERC20 compatible native token, the DCN. This blockchain token serves as a medium of exchange. Using efficient and direct transactional services, the token is used by every participant in the network to transfer value to others. From patients who pay dentists for their services to professionals who pay patients for their data for research purposes, everything is powered by the DCN token.

The token can be acquired from the platform using a credit for a debit card. In case a user wishes not to use the fiat, the tokens are also available from a counter exchange, Changelly. Acquired tokens can be stored on dedicated Dentacoin portfolios that offer greater security and protection for token protection. There is also a loss of third-party portfolios supported on the platform, if a user wishes to store tokens on other ERC20 portfolios.

The Dentacoin network it is up and running, with over 70 thousand people accessing the platform and over 4 thousand dentists ready to serve them. The platform also has a series of laboratories, medical tools and drug providers that support the entire network. Everyone is working together to remodel the future of the dental industry.

For more information, visit: https://dentacoin.com/

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