Denmark: Minister Mogens Jensen resigns for mass culling of mink


Danish Food Minister Mogens Jensen has resigned in connection with the deaths of millions of mink in the country. Jensen wrote on Facebook Wednesday that he came to the conclusion that he no longer had sufficient support from the majority of Danish parliamentary parties. That’s why he told Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to step down from the government.

Frederiksen announced on November 4 that all mink in the country should be culled because the coronavirus had mutated in animals and had already been transmitted to humans. In particular, the so-called cluster 5 variant of the virus has been classified as a concern by the Danish health institute SSI because, according to the institute, it could have possible effects on future corona vaccines. There are around 15-17 million animals in total.

As it turned out, the necessary legal basis for mass killing was missing. Minister Jensen only admitted this several days after the announcement of the measure. Meanwhile, the government has secured a parliamentary majority for a legal framework that will legally guarantee the swift move and prohibit the holding of mink in Denmark by the end of 2021.

All fur animals on coronavirus-infected mink farms in Denmark have now been killed. The food authority Fødevarestyrelsen announced Wednesday on Twitter. In total, mink stocks were culled in 284 flocks where cases of crown emerged. This corresponds to approximately every fourth mink farm in Denmark. Another 25 farms are also suspected of crown. The exact number of animals killed was not clear from the information provided by the authorities.

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