Denmark Crypto Payments Company Coinify officially announces its acquisition of BetterCoins

Denmark Crypto Payments Company Coinify officially announces its acquisition of BetterCoins

Within the time it was operational, Coinify has consistently become a household name as a platform to allow users to make payments when it comes to anything to do with cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, it allows you to use cryptocurrencies in one-off payments, in-house invoices and freelancers, including in PoS systems.

This week is gaining momentum as it has announced the success of the acquisition and acquisition of the digital cryptocurrency and the currency trader, BetterCoins. This was made public by the company on December 14, stating that the purchase was made thanks, in large part, to the significant "overlap of corporate values".

The Danish company proved to be a rapidly growing dynamic company in the world of cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2014 by the mad entrepreneur Johan Eberhardt, remains a staunch supporter of the world of cryptocurrency, the statement has clarified.

The acquisition was made public today and has since been fully completed, which means that existing members of the BetterCoins community will have the right to directly access the support and services available to Coinify customers, including a line of better prices.

Romina Fonseca Allegretti, who works as head of the customer support and support department, expressed great optimism in discussing the successful acquisition.

"We are very pleased to welcome the new Bettercoin user, and we assure them that, as new Coinify customers, they will be able to achieve excellence from the customer-centric approach, including effective customer service and lower commissions and more competitive. "

The managing director of Coinify has established that one of the reasons for the acquisition was to cope with the growing challenges that the industry of cryptocurrency trading must address as a whole. This includes the pressure for more stringent regulation against them, including a lower level of market volume and the current alignment range between the two companies when it comes to their respective beliefs.

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