Dengue fever: encouraging new figures, but the epidemic persists


The latest data published by Public Health France on the dengue epidemic that has been raging in our territory for a year are rather encouraging. In fact, the estimated number of dengue cases is steadily decreasing every week. For the first time in three months, this number even falls below the threshold of 1,000 cases per week on weekdays with 780 cases recorded, compared to 2,300 cases per week recorded during the epidemic peak a few weeks ago. We also note that the share of dengue in the total activity of the SOS-Médecins association has continued to decrease for 5 weeks.

Since the start of surveillance, 35 severe cases of dengue have been hospitalized in an intensive care unit or intensive care unit (adult or pediatric unit). Two new deaths have been reported since the last report published on October 30, bringing the number of deaths in hospitals and homes to 14 since the start of the epidemic. Among these deaths, 10 were classified by the Martinique CHU services directly related to dengue, 2 indirectly related to dengue and 2 under evaluation.

However, this marked decrease in viral circulation should not lead to a relaxation of vigilance in the fight against the vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti. The weekly values ​​remain high and above the epidemic threshold values. Martinique therefore remains in Phase 4 level 1 “dengue: confirmed epidemic” of the PSAGE (* Program for monitoring, alerting and managing epidemics). The outbreak continues with nearly 30,000 cases registered since November 2019.

Santé Publique France also calls for greater vigilance on leptospirosis during this rainy season marked by heavy floods in recent days.


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