Decentralization: Justin Sun thinks that the TRX network beats Ethereum and Bitcoin


Justin Sun has been known to make great efforts in supporting drumming for TRX. Justin is the founder and current CEO of the Tron Foundation. The foundation is the creator of the rapidly expanding Tron network (TRX). TRX is the cryptographic token of the network. In his latest effort during the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine, Justin said that when it comes to decentralization, Tron wins hands down against both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Explaining further, Justin went on to inform that the main reason for his statement is that the mining power of Bitcoin and Ethereum is under the control of a large mining basin, stating that the Tron network is doing better than the two great criptos in this aspect. He emphasized that with Tron, the Super Representatives call the shots.

Tron Has Super Representatives

The Tron network has 27 SRs selected from all over the world, and all have the same voting rights. The Tron Foundation does not interfere with the elections and does not even take part in it. This suggests that the foundation does not hold any grip on its network. Fundamentally, this is all about decentralization.

To bring his point back home, Justin said the Super Representatives would be relegated and terminated as representatives of the Tron network if they could not produce blocks. He also stressed that this type of scenario has already happened. Currently, there are 14 SRs in the United States, 7 in China and 1 each for Vietnam, Romania, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea and Germany. Now there are about 100 candidates in contention for SR positions. Sesameseed leads the group.

The Role of Super Representatives

The 27 SRs elected represent the entire Tron community and assume a huge role in the overall governance structure within the Tron network. They perform validation calculations and tasks as well as acting as guardians of the network.

In order to keep its SR well motivated, the Tron Foundation will reward SR with good performance. The winners will receive the trophies and announcements will be made about them to ensure they keep the good memory of the winning moment. In a previous announcement, Justin Sun said that the prizes will be awarded to the SRs elected for the first time and those who will be elected continuously for more than 30 days.

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