Debate on the decentralization of the ripple debate (XRP and Bitcoin (BTC): which is more?


Is More Decentralized Ripple Than Bitcoin and Ethereum?

There are those who argue that Ripple is centralized because it works in partnership with banks, even if Ripple is not owned or controlled by any of them. Ripple offers only blockchain

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse commented on this in an interview with Fortune magazine:

" Ripple technology, IRP, is open source , XRP Ledger is open source, a company has gone away, XRP would have continued to trade, for me this is the definition of decentralization. "

From the above information Ripple can be classified as decentralized and this does not is in no way influenced by its partnership with the banks. Ripple Labs Inc . and CEO are facing a class-n complaint in order to establish whether or not Ripple is a security.

At the beginning of the year Ripple CTO, David Schwartz tweeted that increasing decentralization was his "number one priority for 2018".

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