(DAWN) Khashoggi’s spirit is chasing his assassins … Democracy for the Arab world now


It has been two years since Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, and October 2nd will bring to mind the memory of that terrible event, and many events and activities will be held on this occasion in many parts of the world. in memory of the killing of Khashoggi. For example, the Zero Film Festival will screen a film about Khashoggi and his murder, by American director Brian Vogel. The film will also be screened in the United States next December and, at the same time, its premiere will also be released in Turkey. On the other hand, Khashoggi’s girlfriend and her friends will also give speeches during the presentation in Zurich.

However, the most important event for Khashoggi on the anniversary of his departure remains that the rally he intended to set up in the United States prior to his departure under the name “Democracy for the Arab World Now”, known for short as “Dawn” ( DAWN), will officially begin its activities starting from 2 next October. Khashoggi was very interested in this meeting and was intent on devoting the rest of his life to the activities that would express this meeting.

Although Khashoggi has enjoyed good relations with the Saudi royal family for many years, the problems that have arisen in recent times are by no means personal. Even in times when his relations with the monarchy were good, he was aware that he was ultimately dealing with a monarchy, and therefore Khashoggi’s aspirations or demands were not impossible or above the maximum level if you will. So much so that he recently abandoned the issue of freedom of expression and contented himself with going further, that is, the freedom to remain silent and not wanting to speak, yet the Saudi crown prince who broke all property rules in his country did not not even recognized the freedom to remain silent and not speak. Rather, everyone should praise and praise his favors.

When Khashoggi saw that his demands, which were not inherently insoluble, had no benefit, he found that it was time for democracy to speak for the good of his country and the entire Arab world.

Indeed, Khashoggi saw that there was a turning point in this sense, especially in his country, where he was aware that Saudi Arabia was the largest country that resisted the current of democracy in the Arab world. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia has always been the greatest barrier against the transformation of the Arab world towards democracy and the main cause of human rights violations, coups and dictatorships. He supported Egypt’s coup that brought him to the worst of circumstances and removed him from reason in his history, and then Saudi Arabia continued to support the regime that resulted from that coup. As for Yemen, we find that Saudi Arabia has destroyed the ways of dialogue that had seen the light in Yemen and would have relaunched the country again, so that the Saudi intervention would have blown everything up and dragged the country into chaos, from which exit is difficult to achieve. As for the Saudi role in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Libya, that’s another story.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor the UAE, which is its greatest ally, has a constructive vision or effort and contributing activities in any country. Rather, they are just competent in a policy that always pushes towards destructive regimes and constant chaos, and therefore they rush to pay the ultimate price for those policies very quickly. Perhaps the most important price of those policies practiced by both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is that they have turned into a place of hatred and indignation by the peoples of the Islamic world.

Due to these policies, the Arab world today has become an uninhabitable place for its citizens. Arab countries are today the most armed countries and the ones that spend most of their resources on arms, but these same countries have never found them directing these weapons to anyone other than their own people. Rather, we see that the Arabs are the only ones who are eliminating those weapons they use against each other.

The Arab peoples have nothing to do with this armament or those wars, rather they are the only rulers who make the decisions and start wars at the expense of their people’s life, dignity and well-being. It is precisely for this reason that we find that the Arab peoples who now see their countries as an uninhabitable place are heading towards asylum and immigration to non-Arab countries. Indeed, this alone should be reason enough to shame the rulers of Arab countries. Every refugee who goes to Turkey or Europe carries with him the legitimacy of the ruler of the country he comes from.

Today, tens of thousands of people are held in cells in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, and are subjected to the most brutal mistreatment under harsh conditions because of their ideas or political positions.

Khashoggi felt from all its depths the concerns and pain of the Arab world and was looking for a solution, he saw very well that the solution lies in freeing the will of the people, through democracy. For this reason it was very important to activate the gathering that he intended to set up with a group of friends shortly before his departure, and it is good that this gathering is started on the second anniversary of Khashoggi’s departure.

In this context, this gathering was recently inaugurated in Washington through a meeting held by the Executive Director of this gathering which has become known as the “dawn” of democracy for the Arab world now, in the presence of Abdullah Al-Awda, son of the Saudi preacher Salman Al-Awda, the most prominent scholarly audience in Saudi Arabia In addition to the Democratic Senator from Delaware, Rhys Koons.

This grouping or organization will create comprehensive documents on human rights violations in Arab countries, to serve as a resource for researchers, academics and political activists.

Additionally, the association will disclose the identities of government officials who abuse their positions and are unknown to the international community, including officials, guards, interrogators, torturers, prosecutors, judges and others.

Whatever the cause of Khashoggi’s killing, his death has become a powerful force and influence while at the same time involving real damage aimed at his killers. We have said before; Khashoggi’s spirit does not let his killers feel comfortable and will not let them.

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