Davinci Jeremie shares his prediction after recording bitcoin tracks of stellar tracks


Davinci Jeremie, Chilean software developer and little known Bitcoin guru, who has a stellar track record of Bitcoin calls is back.

Only as good as your last invitation

If you are sick of the so-called experts, trustfully calling the bear market fund, only for the following week to cancel another [insert obscene amount of money here] out of your wallet … so maybe you're listening to the wrong experts?

Traders, experts, gurus, seers and other presumed diviners of the future play numbers. If enough of their predictions turn out to be correct, they accumulate followers, devoted to their every word. On the contrary, some bad calls can tarnish their reputation, and they all claim that they "always knew that he / she was a braggart".

Davinci Jeremie

So, in the endless search for future predictions we can trust, perhaps we should throw our network further. Perhaps even for the Chilean software developer and the little known Bitcoin guru, Davinci Jeremie.

On Point Because Bitcoin was $ 1

In June 2011, Jeremie ran a YouTube channel that talked about investments in gold and silver. At that moment he presented his audience to Bitcoin. At that time, the price of Bitcoin 00 he was rising to $ 9 a pop, although Jeremie had bought his first coin three months earlier for only $ 1.

While promoting the virtues of Bitcoin to his followers, he was also expressing concern over his biggest exchange. Six months before the announcement of the Mount. Gox hack, Jeremie published a video in June 2013, advising his viewers:

It is my opinion that you should leave the mountain. Gox. I'd suggest you move. Do business of the day and go out. Do not leave money in there.

Boom And Bust

After avoiding (and helping others to avoid) the biggest robbery in Bitcoin history, Jeremie then rode the wave to the top. But in December last year, just two weeks before Bitcoin reached the peak and the tide turned, he advised the followers to cash in part of their profits, saying, "You'd be a fool not to get off the table. ".

So now 2018 is almost over, what is Jeremie's last prediction? Well, as he says in a recent video:

Anyone who thinks that bitcoin is about to die does not understand the system. You have the unique opportunity of your life to get into bitcoins.

Of course, if Bitcoin goes to zero then (through our tears) we can laugh at how we always knew that the boy was an idiot. "But until then, we can hope that" the boy "maintains his prescience / fortune run, as we cross our fingers and wait for Bitcoin to become much higher.

Davinci Jeremie knows something we do not know? Share your thoughts below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Marketwatch

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