Dash Cryptocurrency Payment Network to apply & # 39; ChainLock & # 39; to eliminate 51% of Blockchain attacks

Dash Cryptocurrency Payment Network to apply & # 39; ChainLock & # 39; to eliminate 51% of Blockchain attacks

The Dash, which is a payment network, will soon introduce a new single network update, which will eliminate the threat of having about 51% of the attacks that occur on the protocol.

With the ChainLocks platform, it is able to enable transactions to be easily protected and confirmed once the block has been processed. Instead of having a situation where you have to wait for the other six blocks to be signed.

Thus, it will make it almost impossible for the network miners to cause any reorganization of the chain, this is that chains or even blocks that are yet to be published can be quickly invalidated by one of the confirmed blocks, this is done through the use of a ChainLocks signature , also referred to as CLSIG.

Proof of Work blockchains are 51% vulnerable or Consensus attacks, which occur when one of the miners tends to have more than half the hashing power of the network. With this, they are able to quickly detect the network; therefore, they can easily validate or invalidate any type of transaction they might want.

Previously, 51% attacks were able to siphon only some tokens to private wallet addresses, and some of them fear that this could be used in industrial sabotage against the blockchain.

But the Dash is entirely based on the smaller circle of the Masternodes, a network that requires them to have at least 1000 DASH, if they want to validate and verify the chain. For the blocking prizes on the platform, they will be divided equally among miners, while approximately 10% will be involved in the network treasury.

With the use of Masternodes on the platform, it has greatly helped the Dash platform to be scalable, within 24 hours the network is able to process about 3 million transactions, this is based on the recent stress test that was conducted . But that's not all, since the system was created to be Sybil Attack Resistant.

How does the use of ChainLock secure the Dash platform?

With the use of ChainLocks, it is able to operate on the main node level; this thanks to an effective application that is called the Quorum of the Long Living Master node, also called LLMQs. Just to simplify a little, it helps to improve the voting mechanism of the network by allowing different decisions without the use of individual nodes, which are almost 4,900 active.

With the use of ChainLock, blocks are easily confirmed through quorums, where the majority of quorum members decide on which block was actually the first.

When 60% of the members or more agree, the CLSIG is quickly sent to the community of the main nodes, where it is possible to confirm which block was actually the first one. Once confirmed, the network will immediately reject the other blocks.

For processed blocks, they are usually added to the network only to disorganize them during the 51% attack, which is quickly invalidated. When we look at the LLMQS, these are made up of several Masternodes that have been randomly selected, thus, this makes them the broad representation of the current total set.

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