Dash Cryptocurrency CEO Ryan Taylor under threat of dismissal


  Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Cryptocurrency Under Threat of Dismissal Dash's cryptocurrency CEO Ryan Taylor is threatened with dismissal as a last resort. Dash is a private currency that has recently spread to Venezuela with the market gap left due to the current economic crisis. Taylor is a former hedge fund manager who left Wall Street to join Dash's cryptocurrency project.

The dismissal proposal

The owner of the proposal is called & # 39; SavingPrivateDash & # 39 ;. The proposal will probably fail, but others are coming. Both CMO and Dash's cryptocurrency business manager are likely to be hit with similar proposals –

"If this proposal does not go through this cycle, I will present two more on the next one: one to shoot Fernando and another dismiss Bradley, and on January 1, 2019, I will send this same identical proposal again.We see how many of you have changed your mind after realizing that Evolution has not been delivered and the roadmap deadlines have been lost once again. "

The owner of the masternode was very critical of Taylor, claiming he had badly managed over $ 30 million in funding and destroyed numerous community projects despite having ridiculous amounts of money available. It was also mentioned that Dash Core Group (DCG) has over $ 500,000 in monthly expenses, with little to show in the last eight months. The private sending function has been criticized because it takes too much time and there have been no significant portfolio updates in two years.

The criticisms could be a bit harsh, given that the market as a whole is in crisis and all the cryptocurrency projects are lagging behind various promised solutions. However, the message will remain faithful and Taylor's performance will be the focus of attention.

"Ryan destroyed the market's confidence in Dash by repeatedly breaking down deadlines and promises, Vault accounts, usernames, friend lists, easy-to-use mobile wallets, marketplaces, none of the 2016 promises have been kept. Even Amanda Johnson, once the biggest Dash fan and nowhere to be seen, said publicly that she would give DCG until December 31, 2018 to make Evolution. "

What is it? CrashCurrency by Dash?

Dash (& # 39; Digital Cash & # 39;) is one of the previous cryptocurrencies and the best known private currency, in addition to Monero. It was created in 2014 and has enjoyed a dominant position on the market, but has since slipped to 14th place behind Monero. While Monero is technically a better currency in terms of privacy (according to the vast majority of DLT engineers), Dash has a good commercial and marketing presence, enjoying greater expansion. However, its Evolution update has been in progress for a long time.

The way that Dash's cryptocurrency governance system works is that masternode owners vote on proposals in a decentralized governance structure. Part of the block's reward is retained for community projects, which Taylor would have badly administered.

The probability that Taylor is dismissed from the role is minimal, given the current votes. However, he puts pressure on Taylor to deliver the Evolution update by December, which is the deadline for the highly anticipated innovation. The management team will have to deliver and correct any problems that the owners of the masternode have, since they effectively maintain the network.


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