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Dapp complete 2018 performances for ETH, TRX, Steem and EOS cryptocurrency projects


The Dapp Market Report for 2018 published by Dapp.com seeks to provide an overview of the performance of the four main blockchains (Steem, Tron, Eos and Ethereum) in the last year. The report focused on the contributions of each blockchain in the Dapps and DEX ecosystems. It also provided a detailed overview of each individual market.

2018 was a year in which the Dapps began to thrive, with many reaching their ecosystems during that time. According to the report, this was a period that can best be described as the Dapp Movement. The Dapps were able to thrive at a time when many cryptocurrencies had been hit by the persistent bear market.

A breakdown of the figures

Over the course of the year, the Dapps were able to generate total cumulative revenue of $ 6.7 billion. Decentralized trade (DEX) also contributed significantly to this particular market segment. According to the figures included in the report, almost forty percent of the entire transactional volume of Dapps was in the form of contributions from DEX.

The report goes on to state that 1,423 Dapp were developed during this period. Of these, 1,045 were allies to the ETH blockchain, 235 were from EOS, 97 were from TRX, while the remaining ones came from STEEM. Their cumulative transaction volume reached a total of $ 6.73 billion, with decentralized exchanges that contributed to a cumulative total of $ 2.61 billion.

The annual Dapp summary

According to the statistics of the report:

  • The ETH blockchain generated $ 2.66 billion from 1045 Dapps which had been developed during that year. Of these, 78% came from DEX.
  • EOS was able to generate a total of three point five billion from two hundred and thirty five Dapp. Of these, 75% comes from apps associated with bets.
  • Tron was able to generate a total cumulative volume of six hundred and fifty million from ninety-seven Dapp. Of these, 98% also comes from betting applications.
  • STEEM, on the other hand, generated a total of six point five million from forty-six Dapp.

From the above figures, it is easy to see that even though the ETH blockchain system has had the most Dapps compared to all the others, it has not been able to generate the same revenue as ecosystems with fewer Dapps.

For example, the EOS ecosystem has less Dapps but managed to generate a significant amount of revenue. This means that EOS is the only ecosystem that has generated the greatest volume from all these decentralized applications followed closely by ETH, TRX and Steem.

Fourth quarter Dapp Summary

The fourth quarter saw a total of two hundred and fifty-eight decentralized applications under development. When all these Dapps are put together, they have been able to contribute more than two billion dollars in cumulative volume. These Dapps also managed to accumulate a total user base of almost two hundred and eleven thousand users. When classified in terms of user numbers, EOS comes out as it has contributed over sixty-nine percent.

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