Daniel Oliveira regrets the death of a SIC reporter: “Leaving too soon”

OR The television landscape mourns the unexpected death of Fernando Faria. The SIC reporter lost his life this Saturday in Pemba, Mozambique. He was 48.

In the more than two decades that he worked at the Paço de Arcos station, he was recognized as “an extraordinary reporter”, as Daniel Oliveira recalls, director programs and entertainment.

“One of the bravest of the platoon! I met Fernando as one of the fearless people who ventured for the news mission, hidden away or the perfection of a plan. For to dohe gave face and body to us all. He was an extraordinary reporter and, even though I never had a private meeting with him, I always recognized an enormous zest for life, which he seemed to take lightly. It goes too soon. My feelings towards friends, colleagues and family. SIC will not forget everything he gave us, “wrote Daniel in his Instagram.

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