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Daily pricing of Ethereum Classic (ETC) – January 22

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Medium-term trend ETC / USD: variable

  • Offer levels: $ 4.8, $ 5, $ 5.2
  • Demand levels: $ 4, $ 3.8, $ 3.6

The ETC / USD market is still moving in a range around the $ 4.4 mark since this week's trading activities start until the current time of writing. Last week, the crypto-market maintained its band movements within defined zones between $ 4.6 and $ 4.4 lines.

This week's range areas appear to be between $ 4.6 and $ 4.2 levels. The 50-day SMA indicator is located narrowly above the Bollinger Middle Band near the current $ 4.4 range. Stochastic oscillators are now consolidating around radius 20.

Given that it is a flat market in the trade of Ethereum Classic compared to the US dollar, the indicators still suggest that bears have not done with this driving force of crypto-commerce. If a strong bearish candlestick is not formed, lower minimum lows are expected to continue to appear in the ETC / USD market.

Short-term trend ETC / USD: variable

The ETC / USD market in the short-term run has maintained its current range of fluctuations between $ 4.4 and $ 4.3. Yesterday, cryptography somehow maintained a mode of movement of the perfect range along the $ 4.4 zone of the upper zone.

The 50-day SMA and Bollinger Middle Band are now in the range as the former is found on the latter. Stochastic Oscillators are now attempting to join ray 60, which could lead to the consolidation movement around it.

At the start of today, the market has been pushed down to test the low-end area of ​​$ 4.3 and shows that that point is a critical point on which operators should draw all the attention while operating in the commerce of this crypto-market.

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