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The cryptocurrency market continued its slow recovery while the market added $ 5 billion in the last 24 hours. Yesterday's total crypto-market was $ 211 billion, but has now risen to $ 216 billion.

This increase occurs when Bitcoin and other criptos register slight gains.

Bank of America, the second largest banking institution in the United States, has filed another patent application for a system that manages cryptocurrency storage in a corporate environment.

This move comes despite the banks continually attacking cryptocurrencies.

24-hour trading volume also increased slightly, from $ 10 billion to yesterday's current level of $ 11 billion.

Bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin's price has increased by 2.42% in the last 24 hours. It was trading at $ 6,553 yesterday but has now risen to $ 6,716. The Mt Gox estate begins to accept credits from Bitcoin creditors.

Daily trading volume rose by $ 600 million in the last 24 hours. the 24-hour trading volume yesterday was $ 3.5 billion, but now rose to $ 4.1 billion after the price increase for BTC.

The price of Bitcoin has risen by almost 3% in the last seven days. A week ago, it was trading at $ 6,528 with a maximum of $ 6,789 during the week.

Price Analysis of Ethereum

The ETH price has risen by almost 2% in the last 24 hours. It was trading at $ 276 yesterday, but it joined Bitcoin by recording gains and now stands at $ 280. Daily trading volume has also increased, from $ 1.2 billion to yesterday to $ 1.4 billion.

In the last week, ETH lost 10.5% of its value. It was trading at $ 313 a week ago, but fell below $ 300 to $ 280.

Undulations price analysis

Ripple added less than 1%, but continues to trade at $ 0, 32. The currency was trading at that price yesterday and it is still negotiating around that brand. For the first time in about a week, the volume of XRP trade has increased.

Ripple's CTO has boldly stated that XRP is more decentralized than the powerful Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

The 24-hour trading volume rose from $ 215 million to $ 245 million in the last hours.

In the last week, XRP witnessed a random trading scheme. It has been trading between $ 0.31 and $ 0.35 in the last seven days.

EOS Price Analysis

The fifth largest cryptocurrency is approaching the $ 5 sign. EOS has gained 1% in the last 24 hours to move from $ 4.94 yesterday to today to $ 4.99. The currency took part in the increase in the general cryptocurrency market.

The volume of daily trading continues to increase in the last days. The 24-hour trading volume yesterday was $ 479 million, but has now increased to $ 566 million

A look at the weekly EOS chart shows that the currency has lost 7.9% of its value in the last seven days. It was trading at $ 5.42 a week ago, but has since come down to trade at $ 4.99 per coin.

Litecoin price analysis

Litecoin continues to rise and has gained 1.4% in the last 24 hours. It was trading at $ 56.99 yesterday but has now risen to $ 57.70. In the meantime, the daily trading volume rose from $ 188 million to $ 196 million.

LTC has lost some of its value in the last week. It was trading at $ 59 a week ago, but has since dropped to currently trading at $ 57 per currency.




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