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The total cryptocurrency market rose slightly to $ 217 billion, after reaching $ 215 billion 24 hours ago.

The 24-hour trading volume rose by $ 5 billion during this period, rising from $ 11 billion to its current $ 16 billion.

Stetherecoin Tether controversial has printed $ 50 million USDT but this is not enough to lead to a slight market pump.

Bitcoin price analysis

The price of Bitcoin has been steadily increasing over the last 24 hours. It was trading around $ 6,370 yesterday, but has now risen to $ 6,500. This represented an increase of around 2%.

In the meantime, the volume of trade has almost doubled in the last 24 hours. It stood at $ 3.9 billion yesterday, but rose massively to the current level of $ 6.6 billion.

The author of poor daddy dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has been bullish on Bitcoin. But it was not just because Kim Dotcom invited the public to invest in Bitcoin to safeguard their future.

A look at the Bitcoin weekly chart shows that the leading cryptocurrency has lost 7.3% of its value during that time period. It was trading at $ 7,014 a week ago, but is currently valued at $ 6,500.

Analysis of the price of Ethereum

Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency here operating in the red zone. It was trading at $ 325 yesterday, but has now fallen to trade at $ 322 per coin. There was no apparent catalyst for this landfill, but the currency continues to suffer a sell-off.

For the third consecutive day, the daily trading volume of Ethereum is $ 1.7 billion.

which has been declining in the last week. The second largest cryptocurrency has lost 21% of its value in the last seven days. It was trading at $ 408 a week ago, but has since dropped to the current level of $ 322.

Undulations price analysis

XRP has risen by just 0.3% in the last 24 hours . It was trading yesterday at $ 0.306, but rose slightly to $ 0.307. Trading volume declined for the third day in a row, from $ 216 million to $ 197 million

Just like Ethereum, Ripple's weekly chart shows that cryptocurrency is declining. He lost 28% of his value within seven days. It was trading at $ 0.426 per currency a week ago, which is higher than the current $ 0.307.

EOS Price Analysis

EOS also rose 0.38% last day. It was trading at $ 5.14 yesterday but rose a little at $ 5.15 per coin. The 24-hour trading volume has dropped dramatically, from $ 680 million to $ 619 million in the last 24 hours.

The currency has enjoyed greater buying pressure from the global cryptocurrency market.

EOS fell 26% in the last week. The EOS price stood at $ 6.98 last week, but is now trading at $ 5.15

Litecoin price analysis

The LTC price remained at $ 60, registering a gain of just 0 , 08%. The gain was not significant, so it did not significantly affect the price. Meanwhile, 24-hour trading has increased from $ 258 million to the current $ 314 million

A look at the Litecoin weekly chart shows that it lost 18.6% of its value in the last seven days. The seventh largest cryptocurrency was trading at $ 74.31 a week ago, but took a downturn at the current price of $ 60.45

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