Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 29/08/18


Bitcoin Cash Back in Reverse

Bitcoin Cash gained 2.87% on Tuesday, after the 4.91% increase on Monday, to close the day at $ 565.5.

A morning retreat at an intraday low of $ 541.2 saw Bitcoin Cash move away from the first major level of support at $ 528.07, with a broad market recovery that sees Bitcoin break through the first level of resistance to a maximum of $ 574.2 at the end of the day before falling back to $ 560.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash fell 1.35% to $ 557.9, with the rally of Tuesday late in the early hours, Bitcoin cash fell to $ 551.4 in the early morning before settling, the moves in the early part of the day left the maximum support and resistance levels not tested.

For the next day, a pass to $ 560 will support a run at $ 570 levels and the first major resistance level at $ 579.4, with Bitcoin Cash having to return to keep the $ 560 levels up until the morning until a suppo rt a 2 nd half-day shift.

Failure to return to the $ 560 level, hit at the start of the day, could see Bitcoin Cash get a bigger hit later in the day, lowering $ 551.4 for the morning low by bringing down $ 550 levels and the first major level of support for the day at $ 546.4 in play.


Litecoin Hold at $ 60 Levels

Litecoin has recovered 4.07% on Tuesday, after the 6.39% jump on Monday, to end the day at $ 63 17, its highest final price from 9 th August.

Recovery from a low intraday day start $ 59.76, which held well above Day's first major support level at $ 57.89, Litecoin recovered until a late afternoon intraday high $ 63.91, before to slow down, the rally seeing Litecoin break through and hold the first major resistance level at $ 62.39.

At the time of writing, Litecoin fell 1.47% to $ 62.25, Litecoin reversed from a early morning $ 63.44 high up to a low morning $ 61.1 before recovering up to $ 62, the first moves leaving maximum support of the day and untested resistance levels.

For the next day, keeping levels at $ 62.2 will be the key to sustaining a $ 63 level run to bring the first major resistance level of the day to $ 64.8, partial recovery from heavier losses in the morning suggests a certain rise if Litecoin managed to maintain key levels until the morning.

Failure to hold over $ 62.2 through the Morning could see Litecoin take another success later in the day, with a pullback until the early morning of $ 61.1 probably to bring the first major level of support of the day at $ 60.65 and $ 60 levels in play before any recovery.


Ripple seeking support

Ripple's XRP gained 3.78% on Tuesday, after Monday's 5.16% rally to end the day at $ 0.35086, the highest end of the day from 17 August. [19659003] An early-day downtrend to an intraday low of $ 0.33453 saw Ripple's XRP remain well above the primary support level at $ 0.3271 before reaching $ 0.34. levels and the first main resistance level at $ 0.34359, with a maximum of $ 0.34955. 19659003] Following an early afternoon $ 0.34282 pullback, a second rally saw the Ripple XRP break the first resistance level at $ 0.3459 and the second resistance level at $ 0.3524 before Go back, Ripple's XRP can not keep the second resistance level at the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was down 0.97% to $ 0.3475, recovering from an early pullback to a low of $ 0.34453 in the morning which avoided the first major support of the day at $ 0.3379.

day later, a move of $ 0.3475 would hold a run back up to $ 0.35 levels and a high day start $ 0.35128 to bring $ 0.36 levels and the first big resistance of the day level at $ 0.3604 at stake, although for Ripple's XRP to run a $ 0.36 run, the support will need to come from a large recovery of cryptomarkets.

Failure to return to $ 0.3475 later in the morning could see Ripple's XRP take a bigger hit later in the day, with a pullback to levels below $ 0.34 bringing into play the First major day support level at $ 0.3379, Ripple's XRP will hardly see heavier losses, excluding materially negative news affecting the wires.


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