Daily analysis of Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily – 04/09/18


Bitcoin Cash on the Move

Bitcoin Cash fell 3.51% on Monday, partially reversing the 5.33% gain on Sunday, to close the day at $ 628.8.

The damage came at the start of the day, with Bitcoin Cash falling from a first hour intraday high $ 657.2 to a late morning low intraday $ 623, the moves in the morning leaving the maximum support of the day and levels of resistance not tested.

A limited series 2 nd half the day saw Bitcoin Cash struggle to keep the levels of $ 630, with Bitcoin Cash moving away from an afternoon of $ 639.1 at the end of the day.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash was up 0.72% to $ 633.4, with Bitcoin Cash recovering from the start of a day plunging into a low morning from $ 626.2 a maximum of $ 637.4 in the morning before stabilizing, the moves in the early part of the day leaving the main levels of support and resistance tested.

For the day ahead, a backtrack in the morning and keeping up to $ 637 levels until the morning would sustain further gains in the second half of the day, with a break up to $ 640 levels bringing the first highest level of resistance back into play. $ 649.67 and $ 650 levels, although the news threads will have to remain friendly during the day. [19659003] The non-relegation down to $ 637 could see Bitcoin Cash returning later in the day, with a fall in the low morning of $ 626.2 bringing in the game the first major level of support of the day at $ 615, 47.

Except for materially negative news, we would like to expect Bitcoin Cash to find support below $ 620 in the event of a reversal, even if investors are to look for the latest Bitcoin CTF Commodity of Traders report, any increase in positions court that will probably weigh on Bitcoin Cash and on the broader market, which could bring the second important level of support for the day to $ 602.13.


Litecoin Looking for a rebound

Litecoin fell by 1.28% Monday, f After the fall of 0.36% on Sunday, to end the day for $ 65.38.

Following the broader market, Litecoin slipped from $ 65.51 at a low intraday of $ 64.4 from the start of the day before finding support in the afternoon, the first turnaround Litecoin calls support to the first major support level of the day at $ 64.6

An afternoon recovery saw Litecoin move to a $ 66.2 high afternoon before returning to $ 65, the first major resistance level at $ 67.35 is not Tested on the day [19659003] At the time of writing, Litecoin had risen from 1.99% to $ 66.67, with Litecoin recovering from an early start to a low morning from $ 65.32 to a morning $ 67.39 high, Litecoin that exceeded the first major resistance level of the day at $ 65.79 and the second highest resistance level at $ 66.21 to test the third main resistance level of the day at $ 67.32 before to bring it back to $ 66.

For the next day, keep the levels at $ 66 there will be a switch back to $ 67 levels to bring the third resistance level back into play for $ 67.32, while we expect Litecoin to put up a lot of resistance to block any move up to $ 68.

Failure to keep $ 66 could see Litecoin slip back through the first major resistance level of the day to bring $ 65 levels into play and the first major support level of the day at $ 64.68 in play, with direction through the last part of the day that could be dictated by the broader market sentiment, any fall below $ 65.10 to be considered a bearish signal.


Ripple Holds Steady

Ripple's XRP fell 2.3% on Monday, after the 1.45% decline on Sunday, to close the day at $ 0.33411.

In line with In the broader market, Ripple's XRP slipped from an intraday day of $ 0.34426 to a midweek payout of $ 0.33251, requiring support for the first major day support level at $ 0.3354 to recover an afternoon $ 0.34032.

A Delay The day's pullback saw the Ripple XRP slide back to $ 0.33 levels, with resistance at $ 0.34 levels that prove too big in the day.

At the time of writing, Ripple's XRP was up 0.52% to $ 0.33604, recovering from a start of the day $ 0.33404 to a maximum of $ 0.33752, the former moves not tested the main levels of support and resistance of the day.

For the next day, a move that will return to 0.337 and which will keep the morning will sustain stronger gains throughout the day, with a move up to $ 0.34 levels bringing in play the first resistance level greater than $ 0 , 3414.

Failure to return to levels of $ 0.337 could see XRP's Ripple slip to a minimum of $ 0.33404 to bring the $ 0.32 level and the leading first of the day support level to $ 0.3297 in play before any recovery.


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