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CyberMiles (CMT) is currently classified as 95th best cryptocurrency according to the official ranking, with over 63 million dollars in market capitalization with the promotion of an e-commerce environment based on the decentralized blockchain.

CyberMiles is able to process over 10,000 transactions for a second, represented as a unique environment that can meet the high demands of e-commerce transactions.

The CMT also shows signs of progress against the dollar, as it has marked almost 10% of earnings in the last 24 hours, as recorded on 23 Augustrd, despite the fact that the market is still acting slowly on most currencies.

CyberMiles E-commerce and CMT

The CyberMiles blockchain and CMT tokens were introduced in October 2017 as a unique ecosystem for e-commerce, announcing the CyberMiles (CMT) project as the next generation of Ethereum smart contract operations.

The team behind CMT claims that the new technology for the execution of smart contracts, Smart Business Contract technology is destined to become the next powerful thing in the domain of intelligent contract operations. The team plans to achieve the aforementioned goal by offering easy-to-use tools available through the CyberMiles network that allows users to create a decentralized application for commercial and e-commerce purposes.

During the announcement of CMT as an initial currency offered almost a year ago, the CyberMiles team also added that its decentralized e-commerce network has an integral partnership with 5 miles, which brought the network to 12 million users in the United States to the CMT and -commerce network.

In addition, the network is set up to provide a safe and secure experience without a central data center, so that all users can enjoy the benefits of decentralization as the network offers user identity management and # 39; enabling credit history records, simultaneously providing users with fast transactions through the network.

Transactions through the CyberMiles environment can be performed with the native token, CMT and the team behind the project states that the network is capable of processing approximately 10,000 transactions for a second.

To ensure that users are able to exploit all the advantages of e-commerce collided with blockchain technology, the CyberMiles network, just like Ethereum (ETH), allows users to create and release their ICOs through CMT tokens, which also contribute to a greater value of the project.

To ensure that all e-commerce requirements are met through the network, CyberMiles also enables peer-to-peer transactions between financial institutions supported through the system and the e-commerce market, presenting a promising project blockchain to an apparently growing number of users and investors.

CyberMiles presents a new programming language for the development of Smart Contract

In order to improve efficiency, performance, dynamics and improve security in the blockchain-based VM technology segment, CyberMiles (CMT) announced the addition of a new programming language to the network.

The new programming language represents a unique and fully functional extraction from Solidity, while it is enabled to run existing applications on the Solidity-based network, without requiring further changes in the network.

The extraction of the program is called Lity and this programming language actually consists in a compiler, in extensible dynamics and in the VM runtime.

With the new programming language, the overall performance of intelligent business contract operations has improved significantly, although it is a safer option than Ethereum's smart contract technology, as stated by the team.

In addition, Lity combines the library and the native interface of Ethereum, which makes intelligent contract operations faster and better performing. The team was also able to identify the basic functionality problems found in the Ethereum smart contract operations, creating Lity with the idea of ​​preventing such security issues.

Since Lity's programming language can be easily modified with new linguistic constructions, this language is considered extremely flexible, making it a perfect option for decentralized business-ready applications for e-commerce.

CMT in the market

Despite the bearish market, CMT is progressing against the dollar as it has raised almost 10% gains in a single day, while it also exceeded ETH and BTC by 8% and 9% on 23 August.rd.

The CyberMiles token (CMT) reached its all-time high of around $ 0.50 in January 2018, but has since seen a decline of around -85%, now trading at a price of $ 0.091.

Over the past 7 days, CMT has shown quite flattering progress despite the market downturn, collecting almost 25% of the gains.

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