Current PC Game Deals: Free Full Versions, Sales, and Game Bundles


Game sales, giveaways and bundled offers are now ubiquitous for PC gamers. If you don’t filter the offer list, you’ll quickly overlook useful headlines in the crowd. We are therefore introducing some games that promise fun and are currently particularly cheap.

Space simulation | Windows | € 6.24 (instead of € 24.99)

Space simulation Dangerous elite offers SciFi enthusiasts an authentically designed Milky Way galaxy with its 400 billion star systems and associated planets, stars and moons. With only a small budget and a small spaceship, players begin their space adventure in the middle of space and must quickly orient themselves in the unknown environment to ensure their survival. In addition to space exploration, raw material mining, trade and smuggling are essential to advance in Elite: Dangerous.

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Trailer zu Elite Dangerous

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The huge game world also offers a compelling story about wars and other conflicts and space for tons of other players – Elite Dangerous can be experienced both solo and online with other players.

Elite Dangerous is currently available in the Humble Store for € 6.24. The offer is valid until November 9, 2020.

Pixel strategy | Windows, Mac, Linux | free

This week, epic refusers can also look forward to a free full version and in Kingdom: Classic ride like royalty through their lands. But the title is not a driving simulator. In fact, he controls the entire fortune of his kingdom from the back of his black horse. It is important to manage resources intelligently, recruit new subjects with gold, and defend the kingdom from unsightly intruders.

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Trailer zu Kingdom: Classic

(Those: Raw Fury)

Adventure seekers can also venture beyond the kingdom’s borders and explore the wilderness, explore mysterious forests and plunder enigmatic artifacts.

Kingdom: Classic is still available for free until November 9, 2020 in the Humble Store. The successor, Kingdom: New Lands, is available in the Humble Store and also on GoG for 14.99 euros each.

Also for free: The construction game Dungeon 3 it is until November 12th. Available for free from the Epic Games Store.

First Person Shooter | Windows | € 13.79 (instead of € 54.99)

It shines among all the first person shooters out there Bioshock Infinite especially with a great story and pairing, a unique atmosphere. The Flying City of Columbia is about religious fanaticism and how the divided population seeks to dominate the city in a civil war. The ultranationalist founders and the resistance movement are enemies. As a player, as the protagonist Booker DeWitt, bring order to chaos to help the citizens of Columbia out of the crisis.

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BioShock Infinite Complete Edition Trailer

(Those: 2K UK)

In addition to some diplomacy, gun violence is particularly important. Over the course of the game, futuristic and steampunk weapons can be found and improved, and the character’s skills also develop: Booker gradually acquires up to eight supernatural skills that can be used both offensively and defensively.

Bioshock Infinite is available from GoG until November 9, 2020 for 13.79 euros as a complete edition including all extensions. The two predecessors, BioShock and BioShock 2, are available from GoG for € 6.59 each during the same period.

Construction simulation | Windows | € 12.49 (instead of € 49.99)

The Jurassic ParkThe 1993 film brought back dinosaurs that had gone extinct for over 60 million years. Almost simultaneously with the release of the film, the first video games for the console and PC generation of the time saw the light. To date, the franchise has produced around 40 more or less successful titles from various game genres. Despite well-intentioned attempts, none of the games have fulfilled the dream of having your own dinosaur park. Only in Jurassic World Evolution (2018) players were finally able to create their own park with all of the audience’s favorites in dinosaur history.

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Trailer zu Jurassic World Evolution

(Those: Jurassic World)

Huge enclosures for carnivores and herbivores can be set up on beautiful islands and outfitted with the desired species. If you don’t pay attention to the individual needs of each dinosaur species, they tend to spiral out of control and try. Those familiar with movies or books know what problems this can cause. In addition to the park’s spectacular residents, the game also features familiar technologies and movie stars.

Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe Edition is available for purchase in the Humble Store until November 9, 2020 for € 12.49.

Life Sim | Windows | € 9.99 (instead of € 39.99)

In The Sims 4 Players can develop social communities and watch computer-controlled Sims live, love, discuss, reconcile and organize their daily lives. The main character, over which you as the player take control, is largely adaptable. It begins with the outward appearance and ends with the goals of life. There are no limits to creativity when building your home.

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The Sims 4 Trailer

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Whether it’s family life, student apartments, or celebrity parties in your mansion – The Sims 4 is a sandbox for a wide variety of lifestyles that repeatedly leads to insane scenes. Because the Sims behave towards each other according to their personal characteristics and interact without the player having to do anything. Depending on the scenario, Sims lead regular daily lives, have jobs and hobbies, and meet friends for a beer after work. From time to time, however, bold intervention is needed if a Sim goes mad or if you make a professional decision for your protégé.

The Sims 4 is available until November 11, 2020 on Steam for 9.99 euros.

In the best Dungeon-KeeperManner poses Dungeon 3 the player is faced with the task of defending his prison from invaders. Dungeons 3 offers a combination of build, real-time and round strategy and is available for free in the Epic Store until November 12, 2020.

Sales are always available on Steam. In general, “weekly offers” alternate with “weekend offers”: these are individual special offers that apply during the week or at the weekend. There are also large steam sales that take place once a year. Subsequently, the following big sales are expected on the dates indicated:

  • Steam Fall Sale:
    From 20 November 2020 to 30 November 2020
  • Steam Winter Sale:
    From 17 December 2020 to 31 December 2020

The dates, in fact, may differ or there may be other major sales not yet known.


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