CryptoKitties will help the German museum to explain blockchain


CryptoKitties proved to be valuable in raising public awareness about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and so a museum in Germany is creating an exhibit that will use the game to explain the technologies.

Dappler Labs, the owner of CryptoKitties, makes blockchain collection cats Ora CryptoKitties has partnered with the Meural digital art company to present an art exhibition at the Center for Art and the ZKM media in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibition "Bringing the Blockchain to life" will show the internal functioning of blockchain technology in real time.

CryptoKitties is not a cryptocurrency itself, but it was built to encourage people to learn how to use alternative currencies such as Ethereum and blockchain, the decentralized and transparent accounting system. It became a sensation after its debut in November 2017, but activity has slowed down while the cryptocurrency craze has subsided. Fans offered up to $ 200,000 to buy rare kitties, and the company's tapping company, Dappler Labs, raised $ 12 million in venture capitalist form Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures in March 2018. Tens of Millions of dollars in transactions have been conducted on the market CryptoKitties until today.

But cryptocurrency and blockchain are not yet mainstream. Institutional investors have been wary of fraud associated with various cryptocurrency schemes, and regulators have intervened to monitor the market.

Above: CryptoKitties has managed tens of millions of dollars transactions.

Image Credit: CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is also praised for having pioneered a case of use for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies. Often referred to as "cryptocollectibles" or "non-fungible tokens", the philosophy and technology behind CryptoKitties are a demonstration of the potential of the Blockchain to remodel art and culture.

Like traditional art works, each CryptoKitty is distinct, and has ratings for individual cats ranging from six cents to six digits. In May, a CryptoKitty exhibited at Christie's New York Auction House sold $ 140,000, with proceeds funding the Foundation for Art & Blockchain.

"The good design and eye-catching aesthetics of CryptoKitties are responsible for introducing a whole new audience on the potential of technology blockchain," says Roham Gharegozlou, cofounder and CEO of CryptoKitties, in a statement. "Emerging technology often has its most innovative work conducted in the art world – the kittens are the same works of art.Our exhibition at ZKM continues our mission to demystify the blockchain so that people that can benefit the most – be they creators and consumers, or artists and their fans – can be part of the future of technology. "

CryptoKitties The exhibition" Bringing Blockchain to Life "will be exhibited as part of the" Open Codes "exhibition ongoing, ongoing for the border. According to the ZKM website, the exhibition's works will "visualize and explain the complex dynamics of the codes and the way they are increasingly shaping the way we live and perceive the world."

Meural's digital art paintings will show CryptoKitties as digital works of art.

"We are thrilled to be able to help the CryptoKitties debut in their museum by providing them with a physical house that is worthy of a museum," says Vladimir Vukicevic, CEO of Meural, in a statement. "Our product, Meural Canvas, is an ideal way for cryptographers to showcase their collectibles in a way that does justice to their value, and makes them easy to show and appreciate. Working with CryptoKitties for this event, we hope to help the general public to imagine how the cryptocollectibles can adapt to their daily lives. "

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