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Two well-known leaders in the blockchain world are coming together to erase their differences.

Roger Ver, the Evangelist of Bitcoin Cash and the well-known Bitcoin writer Jimmy Song of "OffChain" held a series of debates on Bitcoin Cash at the start of this year.

Resume the debate at Third Blockchain Cruise of Coinsbank on the Mediterranean, 7-11 September. announced in a recent tweet that Song and Ver will meet once again to discuss Bitcoin Cash, a hard fork of the world's best known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The name has inspired hope, fear and criticism in the same way with its dramatic increases and decreases in profitability in the last year.

But we have seen the same with Bitcoin in the past, so what is the difference? One of the biggest problems in blockchain transactions is that they are slow. Really slow. On the other hand, Visa plans to handle around 1,667 transactions per second, and is capable of even more. How many blockchain transactions take place on the second? Seven.

Bitcoin Cash was created as a way to address the scalability problem and to speed up the blockchain verification process. It does this by using a block size greater than 32 MB, with an adjustable difficulty level, regardless of the number of miners that support it.

In December 2017, Jimmy Song interviewed Ver in a live stream on YouTube on the resizing of Bitcoin. Ver argues that decentralizing a development team actually makes Bitcoin Cash safer by removing power from a central authority. He is convinced that the growing Bitcoin transaction costs will render the currency obsolete. Last June, he tweeted a statement saying "If you think that BTC with its complete block, high-altitude policy will be able to maintain market share, you're wrong." It will not do it and it's time to move on to other things. "

Song, on the other hand, believes that the changes that need to be seen can be made within Bitcoin. He stated in an article published before the release of Bitcoin Cash on August 1, 2017 that Bitcoin Cash raises more questions than answers, and "One thing is certain: if you want to maximize your holdings, it's in your best interest to get the your Bitcoin off third-party services and check your private keys before August 1st. "

Tone Vays will also participate in the debate. Although Bitcoin Cash is not yet fully established in the hearts of the crypto community, it will be interesting to see how the discussion takes place.

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